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I no likey any foods!

OMG! I have really been hating food lately. I can not seem to find anything that tickles my fancy. take yesterday... got up tried a bowl of cereal nope, no good in fact I felt like heaving right into the bowl. Then later for some reason I wanted spanish olives ate about 4 before I felt like throwing the whole bottle away... at lunch I tried tomato soup and crackers. Got half way through and WHAM! instant ick! SOOOOO.... I go to a party last night and all they have are soft cheeses, and things like sausage balls, fresh cut veggies, thai chicken and such. Even had a chocolate fountain going...(all things that every normal person would adore.. I wasn't even tempted). I tasted a sausage ball and I nearly had to run away. On the way home (almost 1 am) I requested a cheese burger from jack's thinking I would be ok with that... ummm every person in the county must have had the same idea...I even asked my husband to ram them out of the way with our SUV. anyway, we get finally to the window, I am drooling, I open the burger and take a bite and ick! I took out the meat and ate about half of it with just the veggies before feeling ill. I am not looking for answers ladies I am just venting. I seriously can find nothing that I want to eat and just when I think I did part way through I hate it and it is the worst thing I ever ate. Gheez! I hope this phase doesn't last long. I am starving but unable to eat.... what in the world? SO there is my semi rant! I hope no one else is going through this because it stinks!
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I am so sorry fyrefly. I wish I could send some of my cravings across to u... I am so surprised that with 13 weeks u r still feeling so horrible.
all I keep doing is to eat ... but again... if I don't I feel uneasy... and when I do.. I feel I have eaten way too much and its uneasy :))
Sending u lots of appetite vibes:)
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Im 13 weeks and still feeling pretty yucky, Ive had a really ruff bought of morning sickness. Im sorry you are feeling bad, but you're not alone : (
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I am right there with you guys. Just when I think I can stomach something, I take a bite or two, and it's like what was I thinking? I am doing pretty good with applesauce, but most everything else makes me want to hurl.
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well, i ventured out to a mexican joint and had cheese dip and rice. i was able to stomach it for about 20 minutes then i had to go! so weird! i thought we were supposed to be over this at this point. even water tasted a bit odd. i tried ginger ale... just made me burp. ha ha SO! all i can think of to do is go on a fast (ok not really) but at least i wouldn't have to eat.

i am glad i am not alone yet sad that you are feeling icky too.
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Yeah, I wish I could eat normally for once. Hubby made turkey burgers last night on the grill and they smelled good for about 5 minutes and then I had to go outside and get some air. I have tried ginger ale with the same result...burping. My DD was especially impressed with one and then went and got her some so she could join the "club". I have found some candied ginger at Kroger last Saturday, but haven't tried it yet.
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