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baby weight gain

i wasnt sure on what forum to post this but since we r all about at the same time after giving birth i figured heres a good start..is anyone other then me having such trouble losing this dreadful baby weight???i had a c section 6 weeks ago so havent been able to do too much physical activity up til now but i have been dieting like crazy and walking as much as i can..and im not losing anything.i still look 7 months pregnant!!!im dying because my friend had a baby 2 weeks ago..was 3 times my size while pregnant and ud never know she had a child now..so unfair!!!so depressing.
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I am super depressed and gained 70 pounds.. I am still up 45.. I was chubby before and am obese looking now.. I totally empathize... I have been speaking to different people and the "saying" that I have most often heard that makes me feel better is.. "It took you 10 months to put it on, give yourself some time, at LEAST 10 months to take it off... I am still bleeding and my stiches havent dissolved yet, so I have no clearance to excercise, and honestly, I hate it anyway, but will likely start walking when I can.. best of luck to you and hang in there. I will be 6 weeks post partum tomorrow. We need to give ourselves a little more time I think!
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well i only bled after my section for about 2 weeks.i got my period this week and it came with a vengence apparently..it is the heaviest i have ever had almost to the point of worry.with my first pregnancy i put on 80lbs and it took my 6 yrs to finally get back to my prebaby weight..then i got pregnant again..good for me huh..lol..anyway i promised myself i wouldnt go over board on the weight gain but i got just as big this time around.i am up 50lbs right now and have been doin all i can to get rid of it and am losing nothing.forget that took u all the tiem ****..im sorry but if sum people can leave the hospital in prebaby clothes then we all should be able to..what gets me the most is that i can not even fit into clothes i was wearing when i was pregnant and i have atleast lost the baby part of it..lol..it has just all shifted in odd proportions..im driving myself crazy..and everyone else around me too im sure..
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I wish I could wear my old clothes I feel like such a slob wearing stretchy typw exercise pants everyday I can't wear form fitting t-shirts.  I have NO professional wardrobe and I refuse to spend the money.  It is damn depressing!!  yesterday this old hag who is known for being rude told me "you sure are getting fat!!" Well I just had a baby so shut the hell up you old bag:)
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im in the same boat..completely depressed about it.and yet i cant find the motivation to get my butt out of bed early enough in the morning to do some sort of exercise.it kills me that in my head im all about it i wanna bust my butt do whatever it takes and lose the weight but when it comes down to it im sooo lazy and unmotivated.i mean i am doing the dieting portion which isnt doing anything and everytimei  weigh myself i think why bother???it just stinks..
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Uh, I am on the same page as you ladies. I gained 34 lbs this pregnancy and after birth still have 22 lbs to kick to the curb. Unlike my first pregnancy, I can't wear my pre-pregnancy pants yet. But what makes it even more depressing is my husband keeps making mean comments about the extra weight. Men can be so insensitive. Like tonight, I was cutting up strawberries and bananas and he came up to me and said "You know if you exercised more you probably wouldn't eat as much". ARGHHHH!!!! This made me so mad. I wrote down everything I ate today and then added up the calories. I didn't even hit 1500 calories. When I showed my husband this and then showed him on websites that I am supposed to be eating 2200 - 2700 calories while breastfeeding he just shrugs it off and says well I am not going to be married to a 300 lb hag.
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oh my god that is absolutely terrible..im so sorry u have to deal wit that my boyfriend wouldnt dare.whether he thought it or not he feeds me the u look fine theres nothing wrong with u nonsense.he even says to me u have me and im happy y do u care?y??because i feel disgusting thats why.i need to lose it to feel better boutmyself not to attract someone else..
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um.... Lyra is just about 11 weeks old now and im actuly smaller then before i got preg now.  I'm pretty sure its from breast feeding because I dont excersize or diet at all.  But I had only gained 25 while preg so it came off pretty quick.  i definitly think its hte breastfeeding that helpd me lose all the weight thou.
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OMG Nikko! I would kick his ***!  My H tries to hint around to me and I remind him it was ME who carried his son around for 9 months and suffered through the labor, delivery and healing and if he thinks he can find someone better then be my guest!  By the way since your such an A-hole fix your own dinner!  Then I take the kids and we go out to eat (Nates been good in resturants so far)  But by the time I get back he's ready to be thankful for what he's got...& if not he can start doing his own laundry too!  He usually thinks twice now before he goes to far.  I KNOW I need to lose weight but being criticized does not motivate me it just pisses me off.
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