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be careful

my neighbor was due on december 12, for a couple days she wasnt feeling her baby move as much as before she thought it was normal, but then she didnt feel him move at all, at first she thought that it is because she was moving she didnt notice him move or something, but then she began to dring cold water eating sweet food and still no movement, she went to the er and they couldnt find no heartbeat, her baby has died, he got an infection and died.
they wanted to find out why since he was a perfectly healthy baby, they found out that her water has broke and she never noticed, I was speaking with her sister and she was telling me that she has noticed that her underwear is always a little wet for the past couple days, but thought that it is because she keeps going to the bathroom and when she washes she stays a little wet that is why her underwear was always a little wet, but she was wrong, her water broke and she never knew since she never had contractions, it was her first baby and she thought that if her water breaks it would just start pouring, but this isnt necessary it can come out very slowly....
so if you ever doubt that your water broke dont hesitate, fo to the er and get it checked out....
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Thanks for posting.  This post gave me the inclination to re-read what to expect when your water breaks and how to try and determine whether you are peeing yourself or if its a slow trickle of your water.

My heart goes out to this woman.  I can only imagine the depth of her grief.

Below is from the American Pregnancy Association website: http://www.americanpregnancy.org/weekbyweek/week33.htm

"You may wonder if you will be able to tell when your water breaks (also called rupturing of the membranes). This is the breaking of the fluid-filled sac (amniotic fluid) surrounding the baby.

Only 1 in 10 women experience a dramatic gush of the amniotic fluid, and even then it usually happens at home, often in bed.

Sometimes the amniotic sac breaks or leaks before labor begins. This may be just a small trickle. It is common to be uncertain about whether leaking fluid is amniotic fluid or urine.

Many pregnant women leak urine in the later stages of pregnancy, so be sure to have it checked. If you think your membranes have ruptured, you should call your health care provider.

Until you see your physician or midwife, do not use tampons, have sexual intercourse, or do anything that would introduce bacteria to your vagina once your water has broken.

Let your doctor know if the fluid is anything other than clear and odorless, particularly if is greenish or foul smelling, because this could be a sign of infection.

Your doctor should discuss with you what to do if your membranes rupture.

Most doctors want to evaluate you and your baby as soon as the membranes rupture because of the risk of developing an infection. Your doctor may decide to induce labor."

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Thank you for sharing this story with us, although it is very sad. My heart and prayers go out to her and her family.

I will be 36 weeks this week and this was very informative. Thanks
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This really scared me but thanks for posting.. I am so sorry for your friend.. That is horrible.. =(  I cannot even imagine her grief right now..
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Thanks so much for the post. My condolences to your neighbor. It is so very sad to hear that she is going through such a difficult time. I cannot imagine the heartache of carrying a baby almost to term only to lose him/her just weeks before their due date.
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My water broke at 17 weeks and i lost most of the the water before i reached the hospital. My CRP and infections levels were little high and was induced to terminate my first pregnancy which i concieved after 2 yrs of hope. I was also a PCOS patient and was on metformin for almost 18 months. It has been very traumatic to lose my little baby even when the heart beat was very strong after 8 hrs of the water loss. Docs suggested that we had no other option but to terminate as the baby would not survive without the amniotic fluid. Docs also said that this was rare and unheard of. But, seeing so many people go thru the same traumatic experience on this link, can we arrive at a common cause of this?

I am desparate to know the reasons which causes this PPROM.
Is it linked to PCOS? I was on Met and Susten 200(progestrone) till 12 weeks of my pregnancy. I am 31 yrs old, 5 ft and was weighing 73 Kgs when concieved. The growth of the baby was absolutely normal as per NT scan. I was on bedrest till 12 week of my preg. But had rejoined office and working till the day my water broke. What can induce this otherwise normal preg. Can stress or food stuff cause this? I am worried as for my next preg.

If we could dedude the reasons for ealry pre term water breakage shared between us, we can help ourselves for the next preg as well as others.
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