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bra size meltdown

Okay, I only bought one bra a few weeks ago when my bb's started growing again. It didn't cost much maybe 12$ and it already broke. So, I went to Frederick's (I normally get all my bra's here when they have a sale) since they were having a sale buy 2 bras for 39$. I went ahead and let the clerk remeasure me to make sure I get the right size. Normally I am a 36 F, I went to a 40 DD!!! My belly is definitely rounder but I had no idea that my size around up there would increase too. Anyone else find that this has happened? I have only gained a little less than 5 lbs. This is so depressing, just a figure that really sets the whole thing into perspective. I am getting huge.
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WOW... thats a huge change in size. I have changed too but still trying to fit in my old ones until I get myself measured again. I tried 38C /D the other day and looks like my new size now... from 36B... so not too bad eh!!
Body sure changes a lot during pregnancy. Am sure ur DH will rejoice :))
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Well, I am glad to see my band size isn't the only one that changed. I was really feeling down about that.
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I went from 38B to 38C.. and the 38C's are getting snug!! I think all of our bodies are different! =)

I am psyched about the bigger bb's personally.. I was always a very small B!!
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i went from a 36C to a 38D...everything has GROWN!!! i want to keep them (bb's) after the baby LOL!!!
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I will be glad when they go back to normal size. I was already a large breasted woman. Runs in the family. All the girls in my family are usually a size DD by the time they are 13.  One of these days, when I am done having children, I so want to have them reduced to a full C cup. Maybe by then they can lift them a little too. They seem to be a lot less perky after having kids. I don't think it has to do with breastfeeding but rather the size increase that makes them a little saggier after kids.
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yep i'm with yall ladies, I was a 36c before, bought one new bra which was a 38d and now it's too small, the band fits fine, but i have muffin top, my boobs are practically falling out of the cups,....again.  
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I went from 38C to a 40 C around 6wks but I probably should have gotten a bra a size bigger but that's about all they had at the store.  I bought two new bras a few weeks back at Marshalls for super cheap.  however, Im trying to deny it but I know these new bras are becoming too tight and the girls are starting to fall out over the tops of the bras!  (DH loves it but its not a very professional look for work.  Im starting to become self conscience about how the girls look under my shirts!)  I think I may be heading over to the Motherhood outlet and getting two new bras sometime this week.  Plus, the girls just feel heavier.  I think I also may have gone up a cup size.  

A friend recommended a bra speciality shop in town that Ill probably go there near the end of my pregnancy for two really good nursing bras but that's about 6 and half months from now.
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well now im just bummed out... im 14w and still have my 34B fitting just fine : (  my bbs are fuller but i was hopin to get to have some bigger ones for once in my life.
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give it time lilpixie...especially a few days after the baby is born and they engorge...they will be their biggest size then! LOL
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I just purchased two bra extenders, one for a two hook bra and one for a three hook bra.  It was probably one of my better purchases.  These things are great to have!
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