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diagnosed with placenta previa

im 16 weeks into my pregnancy and i was just diagnosed with placenta previa. it is a cm away from the cervix. i still havent had any bleeding yet but i dont want to get there. what should i do. please help
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Were you told whether it was partial or full placenta previa? Seeing as you are in your second trimester it is still quite possible for the placenta to "migrate" to a better position as your uterus grows. Only 10 percent of women who have placenta previa mid-pregnancy still have it at birth. You will get to see the baby more than most women since they will want to keep an eye on this to see if it does move up. If the problem persists than you will be put on pelvic rest which includes no sex or vaginal exams. You will also be asked not to do any heavy lifting at all and best of all no strenous housework, which to me includes standing too long doing dishes, vacuuming, puting laundry into dryer from washer due to the weight of clothing and having to bend and stoop. For the most part it is very uncommon for you start bleeding due to placenta previa in the second trimester, this usually occurs when it is closer to time to have baby. If you begin bleeding before 34 weeks and it doesn't seem to stop then you will be given something to speed the development of baby's lungs. However, if you stop bleeding during the hospitalization and everything seems to be fine then they will send you home. But you will need to return to the hospital if you begin bleeding again. I know it is scary, but at this point, it has been detected so early that it doesn't mean much. However, if the placenta doesn't migrate up it could mean early labor or a definite C-Section (especially in cases where the placenta covers the cervix completely).
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There is nothing you can do.  But at only 16 weeks there is an excellent chance that as your uterus expands, placenta will move up and away from the cervix.  I had placenta previa that did cause bleeding around 12 weeks.  My appt at 14 weeks showed that placenta moved up.  
Good luck to you!
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The above posters are totally right. I too have been diagnosed w/ placenta previa and we are just monitoring it and hoping it corrects.. The chances are VERY high this early in pregnancy for it to correct itself. They diagnosed me at 11 weeks, and I have my next u/s Thursday and am hoping the placenta has moved..We shall see....

I was freaking out at first as well. I was bleeding and went to ER.. I know it's scary, but as long as you and your Dr. monitor it, you should be ok!

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all these sound very scary, am confused on what to think. Am at 17 weeks, was admitted at 14 weeks with a low lying placenta, I bled alot but the baby was found to be fine. I have had one more scan after that n it was still low lying. am jus spotting at the moment n handling the back ache n abdominal pains. I am hoping that at 20 weeks I will be fine. my doc sez things will change and if not they will have to perfom a c/s before the 40th week...Am not scared of the cs am jus scared of losing my 1st baby
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I was diagnosed at 22 weeks that I had complete PV. I also had several large fibroids. I was told that I would have to be on pelvic rest and to watch out for any bleeding in the up coming months. I was so afraid that I would have to have a C-section. I am 39 years old and I'll be 40 when my baby is born. This is my third child and I was able to deliver both of my other two children vaginally. I really prayed about the whole thing and asked God to move my placenta and fibriods out of the way so that I could have a normal delivery. When I went for my ultrasound follow up exam at 32 weeks my doctor had informed me that my previa was completely cleared up. He also ifnormed me that my fibriods were in the upper area of the uterus and therefore would not cause any obstruction for a vaginal delivery. PRAISE GOD! Everything was resolved. I encourage everyone to pray and trust in God to work things out for you. He is so awsome! Have faith and know that if you believe that all things are possible when you pray, then all things will be possible. Try God for yourself and watch Him perform miracles in your life.

Many Blessings...
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wow! reading this testimony encourages me to really trust God and have faith..I was diagnosed for Placenta previa at my 21 weeks and I am so scared.. bt becoz of your testimonies it encourageme to hold and don't loose hope.. thnks. pls pray for my condition. thnk you..  
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