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feeding baby

hi ladies..how r all the babies...just wanted to know at this point how ur lil ones r eating???my boy is a beast he is up to 10lbs..and eating 6 0z bottles every 4 hrs at 6 weeks old..just interested in seeing everyone elses schedules..
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Jaxson is doing pretty well~ He is 5 weeks 3 days old as of today!

He is almost almost 11 pounds ( I am not sure exactly b.c they weighed him at the hospital last Wednesday fully clothed w/ a wet diaper).. Anyway, he is eating 5 ounces every 3-4 hours. It is usually more like every 3 hours during the day, and during the night, he goes 4 hours. We are thinking of increasing him to 6 ounces soon, so it sounds to me like you are right on target! We are just waiting until he acts like he is still hungry.. He sometimes won't take the full 5 ounces, maybe by next week, We shall see.

Hope you are feeling well!
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ok u made me feel better because i thought he was pigging out and if i try to give him any less he freaks out..he is gettin chubby but not to the point of worry or anything.he doesnt always go 4 hrs either but if he only goes three i wont put more then 4oz in the bottle for him.overnight hes been going 4 and a half sometimes but thats the most hes gone.today he started freakin to wat after 2 hours only and he had finished an entire 6oz bottle so i refused to feed him again, i tried a little water because the doc said it was ok but he looked at me like i was crazy and spit it right out.on top of that i think it may have bothered his belly cause he has been yellin for like an hour now and i havent been able to calm him no matter what i do.
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Hmm, Anna is one month old and eats 3 oz every 3-4 hours.  She is 9 pounds, 50th percentile.
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Sophia eats 3oz every 3 to 4 hours. She was 3 weeks yesterday.  We are off to the pediatrican today for a weight check since she has lost weight after she was born.  I want to ask her questions about feeding. Sophia does have, what we think, is alot of spit up. Sometimes, its like projectile spit up!  Im sure this is normal but I will run it by her today.  Ill let you know what she says.  We are wondering if we are feeding her too much or too often based on her spit up and also if she maybe a milk allergy?  reflux?  I doubt reflux since she doesn't ever seem to be in any tummy pain (unless she is making a poop!)  I had a milk allergy as a baby and had to be switched to soy milk and then to goat's milk. I was on goat's milk once I was over a year old.

We think she weighs 10lbs based on us weighing her at home.  (I get on the scale and see my weight, then I hold her and get back on the scale.  So, not an exact weight check.)  When we measured her, she seemed to be 22 inches. So, since birth she has gained around 2lbs and 2 inches.
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Sorry about spit-up.  Anna is spitting up more these days but it's not projectile; it just comes out of her mouth when you least expect it.  I also worry about her feedings but our pedi said she is growing normally.  Looks like Sophia had a growth spurt; extra 2 inches is a lot!!  I bet she will be a super-model  :)
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Corbin only gained a pound and his formula had to be changed to soy b/c of his spit-up issues. He still only eats 2 - 4oz every 3hrs. Its tough b/c it seems like I'm constantly feeding him.

Nathan and Austin were up to 6oz by the time they were 1month, so it concerns me a little, but the doctor told me that so long as he is gaining weight, not to wory about it so much.
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Well, I'm not sure how much Micah gets when I nurse but he eats every 2 hrs sometimes 3. When I bottle feed, he eats 4oz and that is also every 2 hrs. I've been trying to spread out the feedings but he's ready to eat at the 2hr mark. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to spread his feedings out? He's 8 weeks and at his 5wk appointment he was 10 lbs 8oz. I'm sure he's at least 11 lbs now.
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Not sure how to spread out his feedings.  Sometimes a pacifier can soothe Sophia after a feed or during the day. She takes to it sometimes and other times she doesn't want it.

Well, she now weights 9lbs 14 ozs. They didn't check her length at the appointment.  The pediatrican said her spit up is ok as long s the projectile doesn't increase. We did switch her back from the Vent aire bottles to the gerber bottles with the NUK nipple. She hasn't had a proctile spit up since we switched her back. We think she ate too quickly with the Vent Aire bottles, which at max took her 15 mins. With the Gerber/NUK bottles she takes at least 20 minutes and mostly its 30 mins.  Go figure, the Gerber bottles were a heck of alot cheaper than the Vent Aire bottles and those worked much better so far!
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well i actually had to stop giving xavier the 6 oz bottles every 4 hours because he got severely constipated.the dr said since hes been on the formula hes on which is already for sensitive stomachs for 5 weeks already it was probably just how much he was eating.i wound up having to give him sum prune juice yuck..but boy did it work!!!!and now the boy is back on 4oz but wants it just bout every 2 hours!!!i ttry usually to hold him off to every 3 but sumtimes he just wont wait.i cant even imagine what hes gonna weigh at his next visit but it isnt til the 22nd of march so i got a while to wait..
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Aidan is 11.5lbs and still eats 4 oz every 2 hours but now we're noticing that perhaps we are misinterpreting hunger for overtiredness/fussiness.

I feel totally confused as a mother lately with the feeding on demand and his sleeping. He DOESN'T sleep at all in the day and your spans for at night are shocking to us.

He only sleeps two 3 hour spans at night (2am and 5am) the rest of the day/evening he's down for 10-20 min, occassionally 40 min tops. The kid isn't getting enough sleep and we don't know what to do.
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You should see about reading Dr. Karp's book.  (i responded to your question just minutes ago.)  We just ordered his CD for soothing sounds and that helps Sophia during her very fussy time which is anywhere from 430 to 8pm each night.  Im not complaining since it only lasts about an hour and the calming methods work for her.

We swaddle her, hold her while putting her on her side and say SUSH in her ear.  Now with the CD, we don't due the SUSH noise unless we cant get to the CD player.  Once she is calmed down, we put her in the swing and give her a pacifier, if she'll take it. Those are Dr. Karp's 5 methods for calming a baby.

The great thing about the CD is that we can use it in the car and while she sleeps in her room at night if we need to.

I swear, If I could, I would HUG Dr. Karp!  His methods work so well for Sophia. He does have a video, too which actually shows you how to perform the 5 methods. We watched that and found it very helpful. We knew how loudly to sush in her ear and how to wrap her and put her on her side.  He can be a little long winded for us but man, I don't really care since I think this man is a genius!!!!
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wow... my little one only eats 3.5 to 4 oz of expressed breastmilk every 3 hours and shes 11 weeks old.  but at her 8 week doc visit he said she was doing great in the 50th percentile at almost 12 lbs and 23.6 inches
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