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my 7 week u/s: hematoma

This morning I called my dr and asked for an earlier appointment since for the past 24 hours I keep losing a lot of blood and clots.  I was 100% certain that I had a m/c.  I just came from my u/s.  The news is very mixed.  The good news is that baby is growing and is measuring exactly where it should measure at 7 weeks.  We still saw the heartbeat.  Unfortunately, placenta did not attach to the uterus properly and I developed a HUGE hematoma (I think it's called subchorionic hematoma or placental abruption).  Naturally, this may or may not cause a m/c.  Has anyone here experienced something like this?
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I have not heard of it, but will pray for you.  Glad the baby is still there!
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Helen, i'm so glad to hear that the little one is growing on time and has a strong heart beat!!! subchorionic hemorrhages are VERY common and the most common cause of bleeding in ealry pregnancies, most of them seal up with no problems and have a healthy nine months!   Your in my thoughts and prayers everyday that the little one grows snug in there the next nine months! : )
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Thank you so much for your support and reassurances!  
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I had a subchorionic hematoma when i was 10 weeks pg with my daughter. Usually they go away by themselves.  Mine was small and i caught it early - i was bleeding and went to the ER.  I also have a blood clotting disorder so i had to be put on injections - however the hematoma went away within a month.  Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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i dont know much about those, but i wish you nothing but the best! keep us updated :)
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hey!  my thoughts are with you and prayers!  i have/had the same thing....  as i posted in another blog i bled for a lot of my early pregnancy....  keep positive thinking---  my dr told me that even though a small portion is detatched--- a large part of the placenta is still fine!  hang in there!
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Thank you guys!  You make me feel more hopeful.
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wow congrats on the baby being healthy.  I have never heard of this and dont really have any advice but I wanted to wish you luck and tell you to keep your hopes up.  It sounds like all will mostlikely be fine.   Congrats again!
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How's it going? Everything still going okay?
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I keep bleeding & spotting on and off.  My next u/s is Monday so i will know whats going on at that time.
Thanks for asking!
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good morning. just a couple more days and you will get to see the little one smiling at you again on tv :) hang on helen!
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I know, 48 hour still my next u/s!!!  Time is always going so slow for me....
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Maybe I missed it, but how did the u/s go?
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Just had my u/s.  My baby is growing right on schedule, almost doubled in size since last week.  Yeh!!!
Hematoma is still there so more waiting and bleeding for me  :(
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BLAH about the bleeding, but HIP-HIP-HORRAY for the baby. When is your next appt? I assume they are keeping a VERY close eye on you.
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Yes, I am having weekly u/s visits.  So, my next u/s is in one week.
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I've been looking for updates on you - I'm SO excited to read that baby is doing great!  YEAH!!!
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Hi, I had my u/s on thursday.  I was bleeding light pick only a few minutes before..but after u/s i started bleeding a little heavier and it was red.  after a while i started having cramps like labor and rushed to emergency.  they diagnosed me with threatened miscarriage.  bleeding has gone down and no cramps.  i am feeling lot better now.  my u/s is tomorrow, i am just hoping i am not miscarrying....i feel the bubbles in my stomach and still feel i am preg...SM
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I was diagnosed w/ a small subchorionic bleed at 7wks 2dys.I was just spotting brown blood then it changed to dark red.It's been varying in amount and from dark red to bright red and back again.Last night it had stopped but this morning it started again.I have been VERY worried about miscarrying but they keep saying not to worry.I am not sure how long it takes to heal but am hoping it heals soon.Seeing blood everytime I go to the bathroom is nerve wracking!! Not to mention that one of the pluses of pregnancy is no period,feels weird being prego and having to still buy and wear pads  :)
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