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risk of pregnancy

My daughter is 18 & pregnant. Graduating from HS this year.  She was having some pains & we went to the hospial, spent the night, they did a vaginal ultrasound because she has a tipped uterus & they could not find the baby with a regular ultrasound. Baby is where it should be, all snug & safe in the uterus (there was concern of an ectopic pregnancy).  She is now going on 8 weeks & I am wondering if there is still risk of miscarriage after having the ultrasound & finding that all appears to be alright?  I have had two children myself, but this was never really a question for me after my ultrasound & I am worried for her.  She will be living at home with myself/husband to take care of the baby & we are behind her 100%.  Everyone knows at this point that she is pregnant.  She also has developed a little "bump" and insists it is not from the pregnancy....hate to tell her, but it is!  She still has prom to go through & did not want to be showing at all as of yet!!!  What do you all think of her risk of losing the baby at this stage?  Your thoughts would be very welcome.  Thank you.
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Well, every week that goes by, her risk decreases.  If she is 8 weeks, the embryo is now a fetus, and that also decreases risk.  Did they see the heartbeat?  Once that happens, the risk of m/c drops to something like 10% instead of 25%.  The reality is, there is always a risk of m/c.  After first trimester is over it is pretty rare, only 1%.  I got all these stats from my OB as I have a history of m/c and am now also 8 weeks (or at least will be tomorrow), so believe me, I understand your fears.  Hang in there, I am sure she will be fine, she is young and I am assuming healthy, so her odds are good!  Good luck to you, and by the way, I think its great that she has so much support at home.  So many young women have families that just don't support them emotionally the way you are!  You sound like a wonderful mother.  Take care.
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Not sure if they saw the heartbeat or not.  I was not allowed into the ultrasound room because they were concerned that there was a problem & due to that, they don't allow anyone inside.  My daughter just said that the baby looked very "tiny".  Of course it did, it's only about the size of her fingernail!  The doctor just told me that all looked well & that the baby was where it should be & growing as expected.  Yes, we are trying to be very supportive of her.  We have heard of so many of her school age friends who have gone through this & been thrown out of the home by their parents.  I didn't realize that there was a time when you were allowed to just stop parenting because your children did something that you didn't approve of!  This is not what we would have wanted for her, but it is what it is & in my eyes, all babies are a blessing.  This child will be showered with love & will know that it was very much wanted. There is to much hatred in this world already.
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Yeah, throwing teenage girls out of the house because of pregnancy has been going on forever.  I am 39, and I remember that happening when I was in high school...at a time when they need the support of their parents more then ever.  And the thing is, being young does not make you a bad mother.  Good and bad mothers happen no matter what age they give birth at.  I have seen many teenage girls be better parents then adult women.  But all pregnant women need support and tossing a teenager out because of parental disapproval is just so sad to me.  Good for you for the attitude you are taking, and helping your daughter.  Women with good mothers tend to make good mothers themselves!
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