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spotting after transvaginal ultrasound

anyone else ever get spotting like 8 hours after having a transvaginal ultrasound? i had an u/s tuesday and i started spotting that night. it was pink but then turned to brown. nurse and dr said not to worry, just to take it very easy. the spotting seems to be gone now but i was just wondering if anyone else had this happen to them...?
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No, can't say that I have, but I seem to recall reading somewhere online about transvaginal U/S and the possibility of spotting afterward. Have you been cramping or had a loss in pg symptoms? If not, then don't worry about it too much (hard to do, I know).
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I had the same thing happen to me I had a vaginal ultrasound and didn't know that I was spotting (brownish color), the tech told me. She said that it was just old blood. So it would have happened even if I would not have had an ultrasound that day. As long as you don't start to have red blood and cramps like a period you should be fine! :)
Try not to worry!
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I havent spotted from a vaginal ultrasound but I have spotted light pink after sex.  However when I had my vaginal ultrasound I asked the tech if I might spot later from it and she said yes, that if I do it is completely normal.  I dont think you have anything to worry about mama!
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I am 7w4d. Last week I went into the Er just to make sure all is ok with this pregnancy. I was not having any pain, no bledding ....no nothing. I just wanted to make sure my hcg levels was high and possibly get a ultrasound to ease my mind.

I got a transvaginal ultrasound done and also hcg levels checked. The next day I woke up with mild cramps and light pink blood. Its been 4 days since I went to the ER room. And, I am still having cramps and pink blood. I am worried because I have had many miscarriages before. And, I am mad at myself because I never would of felt like this if I didnt go into the er room. I have read posts where it says not to worry. But, if someone could explain to me why all a sudden I am in pain after the ultrasound? I was totally fine before I went in.
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