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ultrasound nightmare !!!

I have been runited with a girl that i knew several years ago. The cool thing was we both were looking for each other on the net at the same time.
we have been together since 5/9/08 now it is 6/23/08.
We found out she is pregnant and when we went to the emergency room to varify it...mainly because she had pain in her ovaries. We found out she is 7 weeks 3 days according to the ultrasound. She swears up and down that she didnt have sex since late dec. of 2007. And that i am the only one she has been with . The doctors say that it was a pretty accurate test. Not off but by 3 days into the 7 weeks only the3 days  part would be something not to bank on. The thing is i have known her enough to trust her but it dont add up...Oh one more thing she has iregulare periodes and she could not remember the last one she had when asked by the doc she said as far back as 3 months since she noticed anything. She said she was going to take a paternity test to prove to everyone its mine. Her statment to me was "if it is not yours its emaculate and i highly doubt that" Help please !!!
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A babies due date is calculated from the first day of the woman's last menstrual cycle.  If they are saying that your girlfriend is 7+ weeks pregnant, the baby could very well be yours.  If she were to have gotten pregnant on 5/9/08, she would be considered to be 7 weeks pregnant on 6/27.  The doctor is saying that the results could be off by a few days.  I would trust your girlfriend on this one unless you have reason to believe that she is lying to you.  The dates are so very close together that it would be a shame to ruin a good relationship just because she may have gotten pregnant immediately upon the two of you reuniting.  Go with your gut.  Best of luck!
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ok ,here is the deal we had first sex on 5/11/08. also the next time which i felt was the time until the actual visit the other day 5/14/08 this really changes things a bit or does it??? thanks for your comment :)
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I agree with Nalabud.  5/11  could have done it too.  The babies at this stage are so small that they are difficult to measure.  When I had my 7 week scan done they measured my baby at 3 different lengths, and each length gave me a different estimated age, two of them were 5 days apart.  It is very difficult to measure something the size of a black eyed pea that is all curled up.  I would trust your girlfried, because it sounds to me like you made a baby 5/11.  She needs you to be there for her now, build a relationship on trust.
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Ultrasound dating can be off by about 1 - 2 weeks either way (plus or minus). Example. My doc says I was 7 weeks on 5/27/2008, according to my LMP, I was 8 weeks and 3 days. My ultrasound pic that day says 8 weeks 3 days, but my doc put my EDD at January 12th based on the estimation of 7 weeks pregnant that day. You might check out the info I put up in the health pages about ultrasound milestones. It can be found here: http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Pregnancy/Early-Ultrasound---HCG---Progesterone-Guide/show/191?cid=98

They generally go by the size of the embryo. And we all know that babies come in different sizes. They just use a guideline.

So, here is my take. A women is actually considered 2 weeks pregnant before the egg even gets released from the ovary. So, as of today if she ovulated on the 11th or 12th, then she would be 6 weeks past ovulation and about 8 weeks pregnant. Now, let's say that she actually didn't ovulate until the next week, sperm can live for 5-7 days before implanting into an egg, then this week she would be considered 7 weeks pregnant and the embryo would be 5 weeks old. I know that is confusing, but it sounds like this is definitely your child.
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My husband had the same misconception that if I am currently 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant then we had to have had sex 11 weeks and 3 days ago. In actuality, it means we had sex about 9 weeks and 3 days ago.
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Thanks all who have enlighten me on this. This is relieving to here .I was floored when i got the 7 week 3 day news. The doc was not much help We were in the ER because of her cramping only to find out she had a bladder infection and it confirmed pregnancy. We already did the digital stick test last thursday. Thanks again Guys and Gals
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My partner had a hard time when I was 5 weeks pregnant understnding it all - he kept saying 'you ovulated 3 weeks ago - you can't be 5 weeks!!!' It took me a while to get him to understand, he still thinks it's stupid though.

So really - your baby's fetal age is 5 weeks 3 days, but as you go by Last Menstural period it is usually dated 2 weeks more than that - ie 7 weeks 3 days. Even if her period was irregular your are still looking at the fetus being 5 weeks 3 days - and according to my calculations you and her were definitely together then!! She's def being honest with you - I'd say it's yours for sure!! Congrats!
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thank you so much for this advice. This really puts a new light on things. Thank you for the support. I was really messed up until you guys gave me the support. My nerves were wrecked !!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU....
best wishes,
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based on my last period i thought i was 8w4d but the doctor measured the baby 3 times and told me i was 9w2d so i was off by 5 days even though i KNEW when my period was. its a confusing thing to try to figure out!

best of luck!
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