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where is everyone?

what happened to all my january mommys???how is everyone and there lil ones???noone posts anymore...
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I know, I think a lot of times, people just sortof abandon medhelp after delivery!

I am not on here hardly ever any more! =(

PM me.. Like I said, I almost never come to this forum anymore..
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HELLO!!!!!! It's been a while since I've been on. Everything is going well! Micah is getting really big and has started cereal and baby food! He's sleeping thru the night now and I LOVE IT!!! He doesn't enjoy tummy time and he's not quite sitting up on his own yet. I'm not sure when babies are supposed to start doing that. How are things going for you ladies?!
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everything is great on my end..xavier is a beast of a boy also now on cereal and baby foods..does not sleep threw the night or anywhere close to it and also does not enjoy tummy time..lol..however his temperment has gotten much better hes always happy and laughing now.he sits on his own if placed there but can not get to a sitting position as of yet..he also has yet to even roll over but the doc said boys r slow and since hes a big boy hell be even slower..all is well though..good to hear on ur end as well!!!
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Jaxson is well. He is a big boy too! At his 4 month check up, he was 18lbs3oz, and that was 2.5 weeks ago! No wonder my back aches! He has been on rice cereal (in his bottles) since 9 weeks due to reflux, but we just started him on "solid" food. He has had sweet potato so far and he LOVES it. Jax can roll from belly to back, and likes tummy time in small doses. He mostly loves his jumper! He can't sit up unassisted yet, but he is getting sooo close, He sleeps about 5-7 hours per night, so that is considered sleeping through the night. He is only fussy when he is hungry, sleepy, over stimulated. He is a good baby!

Anyone else around?? I am glad to hear that Xavier and Micah are well
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Sophia is well.   She will be 4 months tomorrow!  We go for her checkup on Thursday. Per our scale she is 14lbs and I measured her to be 25 inches. She has been sleeping from about 630pm to 530am since she was 2 and half months old.  However, she is now going to bed at 8pm and making noise around 4am. We can soothe her back to sleep for about another hour but for now, that's her schedule and not a bad one at that!  She only naps about an hour at shot but sometimes she does go for 2 hours.  We started cereal last week and so far so good.

Im glad everyone's babies are healthy and doing well!  So glad to read that!
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hello all! it has been busy! especially with my 3 little guys :) corbin is so big now. he is 25in and 16lbs. so in 4 months of life he grew 5in and gained 8lbs! he loves his jumper and has actually 'jumped' himself to sleep once, it was the cutest thing. he can roll from back to belly, but not belly to back yet. he grabs his toes and tries to sit up. he is also teething already!!! he is back to sleeping from feeding to feeding due to a viral infection, but he is on medicine and hopefully he will get back to a longer sleep schedule. he also started baby food the other day and is doing very well on it. i just can believe how quickly he grew and how much he has changed:) everyday is a new adventure with something new to learn!!!
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So nice to read all the updates!!!  Anna is growing as well although I have not measured her weight in a long time.  We started giving her some rice cereal and bananas.  So far she loves her bananas.  She can roll from back to tummy and from tummy to back as well.  This makes me sleepless since she rolls from back to tummy at night and I am so afraid she will suffocate herself.  Barely slept this week!!!!  Anyone else has this problem???  She can't sit up yet though...
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Jaxson can't sit up and I think he's too chubby to get at his feet! =)  

Helen, I just wanted to mention that I literally just bought (yesterday) the breathable bumpers for Jaxson's brib, he moves all around like a crazy man and I wasn't getting adequate sleep because I was worried, The new breathable bumpers are great. I bought them at babies-r-us. I actually got some sleep last night..
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xavier is a chubby boy to but hes always grabbing his feet these days..but thats pretty much bout it other then biting away at his hands since hes cutting not one both both bottom teeth!!!hes already eaten a few different fruits and veggies and still gets his cereal as well..i think hell eat anything u give him just because he can!!!he hasnt even tried to roll over yet and doesnt seem interested in the least to try but he is always trying to do situps and pull himself upright.if u sit him up he can actually balance himself for a good amount of time alone though.i think hes doing well next doc appt is the 20th so i will get his up to date height and weight then!!
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I was also looking into this breathable sleep positioner.  I may get it.  The only problem is that I like Anna sleeping on her side part the time since her head became kinda flat in the back due to sleeping on her back.  

As for foods, she tried some rice cereal (not very happy with it), bananas, pears (her favorite so far) and sweet potatoes.  I'd like to move on to something less sweet and more healthy next.  She is a picky eater though...
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Helen, I am talking about the breatheable bumpers, not the sleep positioner.. They go all around the crib, you know like bumpers, but they are breatheable, you know? =)

Jaxson has had sweet potatoes (LOVES them) Carrots (hates them) and peas (hates them) so right now we are sticking to sweet potatoes and his formula with rice cereal. I am not introducing fruit until until later b.c I am sure he will love the sweet stuff and NEVER like veggies if I were introduce the sweet fruits now! =)  Good luck all and lets try and keep each other posted!
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I have not been on since I was about 5 months prego.  I had a baby boy Evan (2nd child I have a 4.5 year old boy as well).  Evan will be 6 months 7/9 he is a very very big boy at 4mths he was 22 lbs and 27 inches.  He is very happy.  He gets up once a night and sometimes sleeps through.  I am doing ok.  I have had a severe upper/middle back ache for months now and I have been very concenred it is something serious.  The Dr just keeps telling me it is from holding Evan.  I don't agree.   My anxiety got so bad I had to stop nursing and go on meds.  But I am now trying to really enjoy my boys.

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