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** Placeholder for our BIRTH STORIES!! **

Now that it's nearly December and those in the group who are due at the very beginning of the month will be ONE MONTH away from their due date, I figured I'd better get ready with a place to post our birth stories.  

Here's to a smooth delivery for each and every one of us....and a healthy, happy baby to "introduce" to the group in a few short weeks!! :-))
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Garret Ray came into this world December 31t, 2009 at 6:30 am.

I had a ultrasound to check his amnio levels...when i mentioned something about pain underneath my right rib.  I was also being screened for pre eclampsia so they decided to have me go to the hospital for an over night stay to monitor my little man.  THey found out my potassium was dangerously low and raised it to 3 then induced labor.  They started pitocin (sp) at 10:30 Pm on 12/30/2009 and broke my water at 1:30 AM 12/31/2009.  I decided around 3 AM that i needed an epidural and at 6:10am started pushing he arrived at 6:30 AM.  It was a quite easy birth and i am so thankful and lucky for my beautiful baby!

6 lbs 3 oz. and 19 inches long...original due date 1/17/2010
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Congratulations! I'm so jealous to hear that you have met your new addition. Now that me and my DH have our nursery together and have the car seat ready... we feel like we are ready.
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Congratulations!!!!  I'm so happy that Garret arrived safe and sound :-)  You were due right around when I am (Jan. 19).....really brings it home that I could go any day now, too!!
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Hey ladies,
Alana was originally due on Jan. 10 Th. 2010. But when i was 38 weeks they found out that my amniotic fluid was low. We decided to go through with a c section. On December 30 Th 2009 i had my c section at 12:30 p.m. and she was born at 12:57 p.m. She is a perfect little angel. Alana Laurie McCabe- 7 lbs and 7.8 oz and 19 in.'s long. The c section was pretty simple. A lot easier than i thought. The only thing that has been hard is the recovery. Just kinda painful, but bearable. She is the cutest little baby ever. Hope all of you have as good of an experience as me.
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Congratulations on Alana's safe arrival :). I hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly!!!
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Our baby was all set for a Jan 10th due date...  Well, DH and I decided to get intimate and there you go...  Labour starts...  8am on Jan 4th and between 6 and 8 mins apart.  So we each went and did our respective tasks for the morning, kids had breakfast and got ready to head in to nana's for a visit...  We headed off at about midday for our 40 min drive to my parent's house, had lunch, answered some e-mails, paced through contractions, called the hospital...  When contractions hit 3 minutes apart, off we went to the hospital and got checked out.  The midwife was ready to send me home as at 2pm; although I was fully effaced, not even 1cm dialated!!

I asked her to call my ob to see what he wanted to do... so we wait.  At 3pm he checked me and I was only 3cm...  so we wait.

From there, things happened pretty fast.  After about 4 contractions, my waters break, contractions are now a minute apart and lasting about 1 1/2 minutes and getting really stingy.  Then they decide to move me into the delivery room from the observation room.

At 4pm I ask for some pethadine for pain relief.  The midwife decided to check on my progress before giving me the peth and said "um, nope, you're at 7cm so sorry, nohing for you"  (damn, I could have hit her!!)  so I was on my own...

My ob strolled in at about 4.15pm and 12 minutes later, our son, Willem Jae MacRhian was in my arms....

I can't believe I went from no dialation to holding a baby within 2 1/2 hours!!  What an incredibly intense eperience.  Welcome to the world little man!!!!
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Thanks for sharing your story with us - I'm so happy that all went well.....it does seem as though things progressed very quickly, once they really got going!  I'm glad you got a second opinion, rather than just letting them send you home :-)
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Thanks for your message.  yes, it took me totally by storm.  Trust me, I would have taken the peth if I'd ben able LOL!!  I went with my gut on the going home thing.  I had a feeling that it was all going to accelerate.  Thank goodness we did stay though...DH picked up his brand new company car not long ago and it would have been him delivering in the car!!  

I really, really, really hope and pray for everyone here that things go well for them all.  Especially those with twins on the way or with the potential for complications both during and/or after their birth experience.  I'm looking forward to hearing of everything going well for all.

Love and blessings...Meredith and family
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I wasn't due till the 17th but because of the threats of preeclampsia i was induced on the 6th around 8pm. After a long labor Raquel was born at 1:29am Jan 8th!!!! I'm so excited and happy. What an experience is birth!
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Congratulations on Raquel's safe arrival :-)))  I"m so happy that she's here safe and sound!!
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NOT TRYING TO SCARE NOBODY.I went to my doctor on the 8th of jan i was found to be dialated to 6 and some of my labs were starting to look bad like platlets thay were 88 so she sent me to the hospital to see what was going on. well i was not contracting or nothing that was about 2 in the afternoon so thay had me walk around to see if that would help.i also had an ultrasound to see the positions of the twins both head down yay well at 4 thay broke my water and at 5 i was dialated to 8 so thay brought me down to the surgary room buy the time we got down there i was dialated to 9 and gettin ready to push at 5:27 i pushed out Aiden he was 8lbs7oz...so then thay were looking for twin b only to find she fliped sideways and thay could not find heat tones (founf later she had a true knot in cord)it was all crazy at this point rushing for a c section im begging them to hurry put me under it was painfull so the next thing i remember is waking up in the recovery room thay were bringing me to see my little girl she was hooked up to a ventalater in the NICU i found out her waight was 6lbs12oz and she had a pretty slow start because she was deliverd c section her placenta was in the frount and thay had to cut through it so when she was born she had a verry low heart beat and i lost alot of blood but as you can see every thing is fine my little angel is ok and home with her big brother and life is crazy wonderfull thank you
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Congratulations on the birth of your babies!!  It sounds like you had a stressful few moments there, but I'm SO HAPPY they are ok, especially your little girl!!!
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Tyler was born Jan 12 2010 at 2:23 he weighed 7lbs and 15 oz. I went to the doc office Monday afternoon and he put me in for an induction because they thought he was going to be over 9lbs. I started the induction Tuesday at 6am and went as long as I could without an epidural but ended up having one which was great!!! He is a WONDERFUL baby so sweet and very alert!!!
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Congratulations on Tyler's safe arrival!!! :-)  I too will be booked in for an induction next week if nothing's happened before then - but due to being late.  I had one last time, too, and the epidural saved me.
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I went into my OB appt on Monday the 18th of Jan for my biweekly NST. BP was still up at 174/98. Doc had done labs the day before that came back ok. NST on Monday also was great. Well doc said lets go ahead and check you and I was 4cm and 50% effaced. She decided based on my high blood pressures to strip my membranes. She then went an conferred with her fellow collegues and it was decided that due to my preg induced hypertension and that I was already 4cm with bloody show since she stripped my membranes that they would send me for an immediate induction. I was 37 weeks.
Got to the hosp and was started on pitocin at 3:30PM.. I was checked again and was 5cm. The contractions were coming regularly but nothing I could not handle. I opted to have an epid however at that time (5:30PM) as the anest staff was leaving the hosp @5:30 and if I waited any longer we would have to wait for the on call one to come in from home. WOW, that was an ordeal I wish on no one. It hurt terribly and yes I admit I cried in pain. I had previous back surgery and everytime the Anest attempted to thread the catheter into the back he would hit scar tissue and bone. So it took 3 attempts and the 3rd which he placed very high finally took.
No sooner had the epid kicked in that my water broke on its own in a huge gush. Fluid was clear.. Yay! That was around (6:00PM)

The doc came in soon after my water broke and checked me again and I was at 5cm. Said it would be a while. Well at (7:15PM) I told Jeff that I needed to push.  We called the nurse who hurried down and said I am sure it is just some pressure from the contractions as we just checked u 30 mins ago and you were btwn 5-6cm. I must have had a look on my face as she hurried and checked me said OMG you are complete and here is his head. So yay for me I went from 5cm-10cm in 30 mins.  Doc was on the floor, rushed in I pushed 2x and Gavin Neil was born at 7:34PM weighing 6lbs and is 19" long. :)  I had no episiotomy nor did I tear at all. :)
He is a tiny thing. :) Dark head of hair and feisty. He is perfectly healthy for being 3 weeks early and we are home and he is getting acquainted with his 3 year old sister who thinks he is "soooooo cute"! :)
I am nursing and he latched on immed with no problems.
I am charging my camera battery so I can upload some pics ASAP.

Only neg is that I am terribly allergic to tape. So we told the anesth to only use paper tape on my back. Well I am now allergic to that as well and I have blisters from my butt all the way up my back onto my shoulders. It burns like crazy and is so gross. But they sent me home with cotizone cream to take some of the pain away.

Thank you for the countless well wishes and congrats you all sent.  I have the best group of friends and I cherish you all.  
Kelly :)
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What a beautiful birth story!  Congratulations on Gavin's safe - and relatively speedy - arrival!!  

I'm glad to hear that Quinn is adjusting well so far - my DS is just over 3 and I've been worried about how he's going to adjust to having a sibling.....but I'm sure it'll be ok :-)

All the best to you and your little family :-)
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I had convinced myself that my baby was perfectly content to stay in the womb for a very long time since there was no indication that I was progressing. My EDD was January 21. I was surprised to have my baby on January 20.

I lost my mucus plug the evening of the 19th and then my water broke 3:30 AM on the 20th. I went to the hospital a few hours later and the OB said I was having regular contractions - they were not strong at all - but that I was only 1 cm dilated. I was admitted and the OB checked on me at 1:30 PM. I was still having contractions - still not strong - and was only 2 cm dilated. So they gave me pitocin. Then the contractions got really strong! i got an epidural and I started dilating pretty quickly. But I felt no pain with the epidural. At 8:30 I was 9.5 cm dilated and the OB said she would be back in 30-60 minutes and I would start pushing. My DH and I watched the clock and the OB eventually came back and checked me at 10:15. She said it was time. The nurse got everything ready and I started pushing a little before 11. I only pushed for 45 minutes. Our son, Ryder, was born at 11:38 PM on January 20. He was bigger than expected - 9 lbs, 2 oz. We had a lot of u/s and the doctors always said he was about the 60th percentile - so I was expecting the baby to be about 8 lbs. me and my DH did not know our baby is a boy until he was born. For some reason, we were both completely surprised and are so happy.

Ryder is absolutely beautiful. My DH and I are so amazed by him. So far, he looks just like my DH. Ryder is a pretty calm baby - as long as he gets fed immediately when he is hungry and diaper changes don't take too long. After a couple of bad nights, he has been sleeping pretty well. he sleeps a solid 4 hours, wakes up for a feeding, and then goes back to sleep for another 3 hours. I am breastfeeding and that is going okay. He latches on pretty quickly, but falls asleep pretty quickly too.

I now know what people mean when they say that you run on adrenaline.

Congrats to everyone! And best of luck!
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Kylie Rebecca arrived on January 26th weighing 7 lbs 10oz and was 21 3/4 inches long.  She was born via C-section.  I was intended on having a planned c-section on the 28th, but was having intense pain on the afternoon of the 26th.  So after a visit to the doctors and measuring an outrageous blood pressure they decided to proceed with the c-section that night.  So Kylie was technically 9 days early (due date Feb 4th).  She had quite an entrance.  She has very long arms and decided to keep stretching them out while the doctor was trying to take her out but she came out finally and was absolutely perfect!!!  She has tons of hair and very long toes and fingers! SO CUTE!  I want to thank everyone for their support and advice over the last 39 weeks!
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hey girl...just seeing this.....its steph from feb 2010 forum! Congrats on the birth of your beautiful daughter!
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Mya Rae was born on January 27, 2010 at 12:40pm.  She was born on my mom's birthday.  She was 8 lbs 11.9 oz and 19.5 inches long.  She is so precious.  

We'll in the early morning I was getting regular contractions around 3 am and about 4:30 realized they were getting really strong and hard to bear.  So I woke hubby up and told him that they were 3 minutes apart and that I was going to lay back down and see if they stop.  As soon as I walked to get into bed I felt a little trickle of water so I went to the bathroom and then more water came out.  I told hubby that it was definitely time to go to the hospital.  At 5 am my water completely broke and we headed to the hopital.  I was checked to see how many cm that I was dialated and I was 3 cm and 100% effaced so they told me to get into the tub to relax.  The pain was intense and about 20 minutes later I reached 6 cm.  They gave me an epidural but for some reason it only took in the right side of my body which was rather strange since I had one with my son and did not have any issues.  After that, I reached 10 cm.  I pushed for about 30 minutes and she just would not come out.  So, then the nurse called out to another nurse that my blood pressure went down to 50 over 32.  I was not real sure what was going on but I could see by the look on my hubby's face that something was wrong and later found out that they gave me meds to raise the pressure and had the crash cart close by.  Very scary.  Baby was doing great and her bp and heartrate were fine but she just did not want to budge.  Finally after 2 hours of pushing the doc decided to do an episiotomy and she came out very quickly.  She was beautiful and so worth it.
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