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13 1/2 weeks and showing? can it be possible?

Ok- this is my first pregnancy, and i am only 13 1/2 weeks along.. as may some of you reading this..
is anyone out there showing yet?   Can it be possible to be showing already?

Before I got pregnant I had a little tummy anyway, but now it's protruding even more and I'm not sure if it's purely fat or if I"m starting to show.. anyone relate here?
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Hello there. Congrats first off. All pregnancies are different. Some women show early while others show aroung 5-6 months. I am 15 weeks and I am showing. Ive been showing since about 13 weeks maybe.. Sometimes I wonder the same, If Im just eating too much and thats y my belly looks like that lol. I guess we wont knoe until we are about to pop! hehe
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Yes, it is possible. I am 14 1/2 weeks and started showing around 10 weeks. CONGRATS on your little Angel!!!!
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I was shaowing at about 9-10 weks as well.  I recently posted a new pic from last weekend at 17 weeks and a lot of people were asking when in November the baby is due!!  I'm as big now as I was at 25 weeks with my daughter!!  But, 3rd pregnancy this far along, the muscules aren't holding everything up like they used to be....
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