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A little lesson I have learned and want to share w/ all of you.

I read on here often about women wanting to induce their labor, or are so ready and figure since 37 weeks is considered full term they should be ready to go. Well, for medical reasons we were supposed to deliver at 37 weeks via CS. My Dr insisted on an amnio first which I thought was such a waste of time and money, but she would not deliver early w/o it.  Guess what ladies, my baby is not ready at 37 weeks. Her lungs are immature and in fact they even sent my fluid off to another lab for a closer look and called me yesterday to tell me that lab also concluded the lungs are immature. If I had pushed for delivery w/o the amnio my baby could be sitting in NICU right now! So, while we are all so moody, tired, cranky, want our bodies back, and so so ready to meet our little bundles of joy we need to remember that their health comes first and just because one person's baby is ready at 35 weeks and does just fine, it doesn't mean yours will be. So, maybe inducing before the 40week mark isn't such a good thing. You never know what is going on in there and as my Dr explained to me, every baby develops at their own pace and that is why sometimes they even go past their due date. I for one am happy to wait the next two weeks out, baby in ribs and all, to make sure her lungs are developed and she will be healthy when she comes into this world.

By the way, the amnio was a breeze. It was over before I could say ouch!
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Thanks for posting this - I couldn't agree more!!

I'm all for waiting until baby is ready.  You make a good point about how babies develop at their own pace.  Another thing to consider is that dates can sometimes be a bit off even with ultrasounds, putting them a bit further back in gestational age than we thought.  

The bottom line is that babies will come on their terms....not based on our schedule.  I learned that the first time when I had to be induced at 41 weeks.  I didn't go so far as to try castor oil, but I did walk A LOT trying to bring on labour.  This time, I'm just going about my normal activities and trying not to worry about it as much as last time....
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Well said!!    Babies arrive hen they're good and ready to.  I hated the thought of being induced AGAIN and am so glad he came of his own accord.  All the best to all for  healthy babes!!
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I was given the choice of going back next week for another amnio and we have decided to wait till 39 weeks. I had surgery a few years ago and they are afraid if I go into labor my incision will rupture, but as long as there are no signs of labor coming on I am willing to wait it out, knowing what I now know.

We read all these books and websites and they all say at 37 weeks baby is full term and can be born at anytime. What they don't tell us is that is not the case for all babies. They need to explain this better.
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