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Birth control....

Just wondering what you ladies are doing for BC postpartum?  I have my 6 week checkup today and want to get something because DH and I are sure we don't want any more kids - our first son was a happy surprise because we had a mishap with a condom (it broke), so we definitely don't want to just use condoms, knowing that we're done.  DH is going to get a vasectomy, but will wait a few months still.  

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I got mirena and i love it.
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My hubby got a vasectomy when June was 6 weeks old..third best gift i got from him!!!!!! Though vertigo is a pretty good bc hopefully not a long term one.
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I got mirena and I like it.
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My DH also got a vasectomy as our family is now complete.  :) 2 kids is plenty for me.
After my daughter tho I did get the Mirena IUD and loved it....
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My DH is going to get fixed. We wern't sure at first what we wanted to do. I wanted to be sure I was done. Then we thought about IUD, but hubby wants something more permanant so I can't change my mind. Sad thing is, latley I have been thinking about it. :(
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