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Flutters? I dont know if its the baby or my mind.

I am 13 weeks today, but for the past week or so Ive been feeling really light poking, or, butterflies in my belly.. its in my uterus area. here and there during the day i feel tickles but at night I dont. I hear you cant feel anything until atleast 15 weeks so Im not sure if its just my mind playing tricks on me or not. During my 12 week ultrasound the baby was moving around a lot I noticed in the past couple days its been more frequent in the day.. Could it be the baby or my mind? Has anyone else expierenced this?
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i think last night i was feeling something im 12 weeks tomarrow and im the kind of girl that dont belive you can feel nothing befor 14 weeks but i really think i was feeling something so maby it could happen im also having twins so i dont know if that makes any difference  
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I don't know if it could be the baby. I know doctors say you can't feel anything until after about 15-16 weeks. I think I have been feeling movement once in a while. On Thursday I had an u/s and I seen baby c moving a lot and I could swear I felt it move. IDK... I guess we just have to wait until we are further along.
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If it's your first baby, I'd say it's more unlikely - but not impossible! :-)  

With DS, I didn't feel anything until around 15-16 weeks....but it felt like gas....I felt DEFINITE movement by 20 weeks.
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I swear I have been feeling mine since about 12 weeks. I am pregnant with a set of twins as well. This is our first pregnancy that has gotten this far so idk... I'm almost a hundred percent sure though that this is my little ones moving around. They have been beating the **** out of each other since nine weeks according to the u/s. This last u/s at 13 weeks the doctor couldn't even get a good shot of them because they were fighting so hard. That and she said there was a lot of skin between babies and uterus. Kind of a polite way of saying I'm overweight lol. Well, good luck everyone!! I don't think you are losing your mind though.
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