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How Are You Holding Up With Morning Sickness And Mood Swings???

Are you experiencing any morning sickness, mood swings, or any other symptoms that comes along with the joy of motherhood? Has any found remedies to help them with these issues?? Share your thoughts and/or ideas! :-)

I'll start off by saying I'm due between Jan 20th and the 26th. In the beginning I was very crabby which has faded. My poor fiance!. I am still experiencing all day nausea. Not as horrible as the weeks that have past but still here and there, It was Terrible. I found that snacking all day and drinking tangy juice like apple or lemonade helps. Pickles and saltines and popsicles do the trick also. I wish i would've tried that last week! lol.
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Hi!! I hope your morning sickness gets better soon!! I am due Jan. 9th and had all day sickness too, but only from week 6-week 9! It just dissappeared one day! I hope that happens for you too! I found that I felt better if I had some form of protein in my stomach..it was really difficult because I couldn't stand the sight of any meat or chicken. I'm having some mood swings...but it's really hot here!! I live in Chicago and the heat here this past week is insane and very uncomfortable!! My husband has complained a little, but he's being pretty good..it's so hard!! The only other symptom is round ligament pain. It started this past week and can be prettty uncomfortable.
Good Luck with your nausea!! i hope it passes soon!!
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Fried foods, stews, and meat makes me woozy. just the smell of it alone. I tried to eat steak yesterday but no luck. Only think I want is Shrimp which I should be eating very little of. I'll try eating chicken breast hopefully that will help. I noticed its fading but not all together just yet. The fatigue is still here.  What does round ligament pain feel like? So I know what to look for. Not sure if Ive had that yet. Thanks :-)
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