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If you're finding out the gender.....

Are you going to tell people what you're having??  

DH and I didn't want to know with DS, but I think we're decided that we will try to find out this time - to have both experiences.  We don't want to tell people, though....and we have names picked out, too, but don't plan on telling people those, either.  

It might seem weird to some people, but we consider it to be something special and want to keep it to ourselves - until the baby makes his/her appearance, that is! ;-)
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I totally understand how you feel.  We didn't want to know the sex with our first, but the doc let it slip by accident!  But, in any case, we kept that info to ourselves and only announced the name and sex to everyone else on the day of his birth.  

This time I didn't have the patience to wait and so we've already found out the sex (another boy) and we've also shared that with family and friends.  Not sure why we've done things differently this time...  But we will definitely be keeping the name to ourselves until after his birth - if we can come up with a name that is!

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Thats a great idea! I think I might steal it if you dont mind hehe. I do plan on finding out in 3 weeks (and counting! lol). But I like keeping it between DH and I. My mother will also be there with us to find out but i have to make sure she doesnt blab, unless I do first! lol
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I found out with both of my previous...although my gut instinct - I knew anyway.  My husband didn't want to know, so I didn't tell him.  He was thrilled!!  And I sighed relief.....

I've decided NOT to find out this time.  We have one of each so I figure this time it doesn't matter anyway - not that we could do anything about it!!  haha.  Having said that, both of us have only talked about boys so far....and that is based totally on what I'm eating!!
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Your gut instinct??  How did you know?? what was it???

I'm curious... we both want to find out, as this is our first child and everyone (including us) want to have a girl.  I am hoping that I can make it happen with my mind.  LOL j/k
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yea we didnt find out with our first one...it was very fun..and now with this one we are doing the same thing..i just feel if people find out the sex its not 100% accurate..like one of my friends just had a baby,and she was told it was a girl,then 3 days before she was due it was a boy..it really was a boy.so she had everything in pink,we all had to help her get boy stuff.very stressful for her.even thought i hate the fact the theres like barely any neutral clothes out there,not finding out is still pretty exciting.
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that is very understandable, however i would not be able to do that. We get to find out int he beginning of september when im a little over 20 weeks. Were finding out that way at my baby shower they can buy for the sex and not a neutral color.
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Yeah, it's hard to explain, I just knew.  It was in my mind right from the start when I found out I was pregnant.  I never had any doubt with either of them - couldn't think of names that weren't boy/girl (respectively #1 is son and #2 is daughter) or look at things that weren't specific for what I knew I was having.  Like I said,..it's hard to explain...it was just an absolute certainty to me...the ultrasounds just confirmed what I already knew.  

It was hard with my daughter because when I had the ultrasound to confirm that she was a girl, our 6 year old neice was dying from a malignant brain tumor and at that time was the only grand-daughter on my husband's side.  (Now our daughter is)  So confirming that she was a girl was kinda...Oh C**P.  Not because I didin't want a girl, but just because I knew that it would be additional pain for my SIL for her to be born after her own daughter died.  

I don't know how I know, I just do.....seeing how I'm not finding out this time, it will be interesting to see if I'm right again!!
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