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Is being so pregnant during Christmas going to affect your holiday plans?

I'll be nearly 37 weeks by Christmas.  All of our family lives out of town and, as a result, we're playing travel plans by ear sie we don't know how I'll feel by then.  My dad and his wife will be coming to see us for a day this time rather than us having to pick up and go down to where they live.  DH's family lives an hour away and we typically go to see them for the day on Christmas Day - and they've already said that they will come to us if I don't feel up to the trip.  

I know people say "there are hospitals everywhere", but I really don't want to go into labour elsewhere, I want to be near my hospital and my OB.  With DS, I was late (induced at 41 weeks), but I can't expect that I'll have the same experience this time - I'm expecting I'll go earlier....and hopefully on my own!

What is everyone else doing over the holidays?
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My DH and I usually spend the holidays with my family who all live a little over 2 hours away.  Unfortunately, my doctor had told me the Thanksgiving was my last road trip, so we are spending it at home.  My parents and I think one of my sisters is coming the following weekend to spend New Years with us.  (weather permitting...I live in NY so who knows how that will go).  I am a little depressed about it but I totally understand!  Happy Holidays to everyone!
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My IL's host X-mas eve and my brother's family host X-mas dinner. We are going to both of their houses as usual. That being said, I know this year the holidays will be different. Mentally, I'm not as sharp as I usually am - I keep thinking about buying X-mas gifts instead of actually buying them. Suddenly I realized that I really don't have that much time left. And i haven't even bought X-mas cards. We have been thinking so much about what we have left to do before the baby arrives, that we haven't been enjoying the holiday spirit as much as usual. Me and my DH have time off at the end of the year, so maybe things will change the next few days.

Happy holidays everyone!
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Well I'm 37 weeks today- So Thanksgiving was pushing it for me. In fact I still traveled home and DID go into preterm but we got it stopped with 2 rounds of trebutaline.

By way of Christmas, however, we'll be staying put. Although I'm secretly hoping and PRAYING that we'll have a baby by then. I'm just done. But if I don't, we're excited to just have a quiet little Christmas with just the three of us before Baby #2 arrives. Big Christmas for the big brother! We're seeing it as an opportunity to relish the quiet and calm one last time for a long while.
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Sometimes Luckily and sometimes sadly all my family lives in the same town so we will be visiting EVERYONE...that is the sadly part I have no energy and don't think I can keep a fake smile on my face for 2 days. LOL....we'll see how it goes.
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I know xmas is over, but I was completely drained all the way up till xmas eve.  Xmas ended up being better then i thought it would be.  I am just glad our little one wasn't that early.  We are ready overall now.  I would like my body back. lol Sharing is not so comfortable.
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thankfully we moved back home in october so unlike last christmas and thanksgiving we were able to be around family. it was odd to be in a conversation with so many people though. i've now graduated from working girl to married mama to be. i guess that made me more interesting to the cousins who i never really had a conversation with lol

everyone was afraid i was going to go into labor at grandma's house. haha
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