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Let's get to know each other!!

When are you due?  
Do you know the gender?
Is this your first pregnancy or have you been pregnant before?  
What else to do you want to share about your pregnancy?

Let's meet, greet and celebrate our January babies!!! :-))
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He is SUPPOSED to arrive January, 17th, 2010
the gender is a boooy.  Garret Ray
I was pregnant before but it ended in a miscarriage...so he will be my first baby.
I had the Vanishing Twin Syndrome, therefore he was supposed to be a twin. I didn't experience morning sickess! Thankfully!! My back pain KILLS me. His father is super excited. & we all can't wait to meet him.  He also loves chocolate ice cream and BBQ chips. lol
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**I am technically due Feb 4th but having C-section at the end of January (date to be determined).
**the gender is unclear.  we had one ultrasound and the sonographer thought girl but then she kicked off the machine by accident (mind you while I was getting an internal exam because the baby was breeched) so after our little awkward moment, the machine came back on and the baby had moved and DH says, "that doesn't look like a girl!"  So now we have no idea what we are having! (girl...Kylie Rebeccas Beverly and boy...Kaden Ray)
**this is my first pregnacy and everything has been going great.  not much morning sickness, blood pressure is great and I have only gained 13 pounds which for an overweight woman like myself is wonderful! starting to get the back pain, which is hard for me because I have 3 herniated discs, so we will see how the next 12 or so weeks go.
**I am trilled to be pregnant no matter how much complaining I do...LOL
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My name is Megan I'm 25 tomorrow and almost 30 weeks pregnant. He's "suppose" to be due January 6th.  
It is my first pregnancy, right now I have mycoplasm which i guess is walking pnuemonia.  It's not super serious, I've had it for 5 months but it's just been a cough thank god and nothing more.

I'm a soon to be mother that is single and it's going to be a little boy :o) which I can't be more happy.

Like HappyMommy above I didn't experience morning sickness at all either! it's been a wonderful first pregnancy.

I hope all of you have a wonderful pregnancy !!!
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Hello all!  My name is Corissa and I am currently 27 weeks along!

I am due January 22nd...a mere 5 days before my own birthday :P
We're having a girl.  Her name will be Wynter Jayvin (Jay for my Dad, Jay or Jason; and 'vin for my fiance's father, Calvin.  Wynter simply because we like the name :P )
This is my second pregnancy.  Our "current" daughter turns 4 on Tuesday of next week.  So when all is said and done, We'll have Willow and Wynter!
I had morning sickness, but no where near as bad with my first.  This one just seems to be a general feeling of un-comfortableness, acid reflux, and extreme fatigue.  She seems to be wilder than her sister was in womb, so we're a little scared as Willow is quite the crazy kid!  
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Hello all!

When are you due?  
My due date is 12 January, but I think I will be having another section so my date will probably be moved closer to the start of Jan.

Do you know the gender?

Is this your first pregnancy or have you been pregnant before?  
I also have a 2-year old boy.

What else to do you want to share about your pregnancy?
I can't believe I still have two more months to go...!  AAAAAHHHHH!
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It's great to meet you all :-))

I thought I'd reply to my own post, just to be fair ;-)

I'm due on January 19.  I went late with my first pregnancy (we have a 3 year old son) and was induced at 41 weeks, so I'm half expecting the same thing to happen this time (but because I'm thinking that may happen, it likely won't!)

We tried to find out the gender this time (with DS we didn't want to know), and the baby wouldn't cooperate.  The tech "guessed" girl - but said she was only 60-70% sure....which isn't enough certainty for us!  Luckily, we have plenty of gender neutral newborn outfits from DS since we didn't know what we were having the last time either - if we have a girl, we'll get more "girly" things after she's born.

I'm planning on working right up until my due date, more or less - crossing my fingers that I don't go into labour at work (but, if I do, we're right across the street from the hospital...hehe)
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Hey all. I am technically due Feb 8th but was told due to some extensive back surgery I had just before I got pregnant that I will be induced at the end of Jan if cervix is favorable... To avoid baby getting to large for a comfortable vag delivery. Also was induced with my daughter @ 38 weeks due to pregnancy induced hypertension. Doc is watching my BP very carefully this time. :)

I am 25 weeks along with a baby boy.  Name is going to be Gavin Neil.

This is my second pregnancy and my last. ;) LOL  We have an almost 3 year old daughter named Quinn..

I work from home full time so I plan on working right up until I am induced. :)
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Hey everyone!!

My name is Cari and I am 29 weeks..due Jan. 9th. It is our first baby and we decided not to find out the sex which is really fun!! :) We are thinking Daniel Thomas for a boy and Leigh (no middle name yet :) if it's a girl.  
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Our little boy is named Daniel - great name :-))
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im due jan 28th but sence im pregnant with twins it could be sooner im 36 weeks on christmas eve so you never know maybe christmas babies or new year. we are having a girl Ayla Joy and a boy Aiden Robert im scared to death but also excited im hoping to have a vaginal birth c sections scare the living daylights out a me never had one.everything is going good but starting to get really painful.had an ultrasound the other day and thay said the boy was almost 3 pounds and the girl almost 2 but there lookin nice and healthy. congrats on all your pragnancies i cannot wait to read the birth stories of everyone when the time comes.  **Angie**
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Hi all.  My name is Meredith and this is my 7th pregnancy, but 3rd that will carry to term.  I have a (nearly) 12 year old boy with cerebral palsy (he had a stroke in-eutero at 7 months) and a (nearly) 5 year old girl.  I knew with both of them what they were going to be so I opted for the surprise this time.  I figured I had one of each anyway so it doesn't matter.  Not that I could ask for a refund!!  Ha ha.  I'm curently 30 weeks and will be induced on 10 Jan - the binary baby - 10/01/10 - COOL!!!

If it's a girl it will be Heather Lynette or Irissa Lynette.  If it's a boy it will be either Clarence MacRhiann or MacRhiann Clarence.

This one is unbelievably more active than the other 2.  This is the only pregnancy that I've had morning sickness.  I was craving salty foods like cheese corn chips, pizza with extra anchovies and S&V chips which made me think it was a boy as that is what I craved with my son, but lately I've shifted to Mangos and fruit is all I ate with my daughter so I have NO idea!!

It's going to be a very hot summer here over Christmas, but all of my babies have been summer born and that is fine with me!

Al the best to all!!  Love M
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I am Linn... my due date will be 01/18/2010... It's a boy and we will name him Zachary Michael...

This is my fourth...I have 3 children and they are grown up... the youngest is 16 years old... I start my life all over again...

I have morning sickness around week 9 - week 12... after that.. feel like i am not pregnant at all.. Today I am 28 weeks 2 days and tummy getting big.. that's the only uncomfortable I have now... more than that... i am exciting to see my boy arrive..

nice to meet you all...
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I am michelle! my due date is January 4th 2010 my boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years and we are expecting a boy! Raiden Danielle Bartos. it is the first for both of us.

I am 30 weeks now!
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Hi! I am Shannon and me and my husband are expecting our first baby. The due date is January 21 - but I think I'll go a little early. No real reason why, just a feeling I have. We wanted to be surprised so we did not find out the gender at our 20 week u/s. We have one more u/s though at 32 weeks and I'm wondering if I should change my mind. I would love to have some 'boy" or "girl" clothes before the delivery. And it would make choosing a name so much easier since me and my DH do not agree on any names. I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy. I did not have any morning sickness and my biggest pregnancy symptom was that I was (and am) much more tired than usual. I did spot during the 2nd trimester and was on pelvic restriction for about 8 weeks. But that is over now and I feel fine. The first trimester seemed to go so slowly. Now, time is flying and although we are very excited, it feels like we have a lot to do and not a lot of time. The bean is very active and we are looking forward to January.
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hello all..im liz im prego with my second due jan 28. we arent finding out the sex for names we have alana marie for girl and aiden john for boy. we have a 20 month old girl named kiley louise(we didnt find out the sex with her too) she was born feb 19 08(day before mybday) im hoping this baby is born in feb too so both me and my babies have feb bdays. our first child was a mircacle bc 4 months before i got prego i had my right ovary out bc i had a 9 cm cyst on it.and baby2 i got prego while on bc pills. i cant wait for this baby to be here bc im just so tired bc im a full time student for dental hygene.my hubby is in the af stationed here in okc .so all my family lives inalbany ny(where we r orginally from)its been very diffucult for us but only have 2 yrs left here then its back to ny for us!!
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I am in Albany, NY myself!  Small world!
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Hi everyone!  My name is Melissa and I am pregnant with my second child due on January 28!  I am having a girl which is great since hubby and I already have a 12 year old boy!  I had alot of complications with my first and it definitely took me a while to decide to have another child!  My husband and I have been married for almost 14 years  and are so excited to bring another baby into our family!  We now feel like our family is complete!  
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Hi!  I am Kristin and am almost 29 years old in my 31st week of pregnancy:)  

I am due on January 9th, but my doc is going to watch and if this baby is big he will induce earlier.......my last boy was 9 lb 1/2 oz.

This will be my 3rd boy....I really wanted a girl this time, but as long as he is healthy I will be happy.

I think we have decided on the name Wyatt Cash.

I am a full time student and have been getting headaches everyday for the last couple of weeks!!!  YUCK!  Tylenol doesn't really help either:(  Both of my boys have already had the swine flu and I never got it........phew!  I hope you all stay healthy for the rest of your pregnancy!!!!!
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My name is Jenn and I am preg with #3...28 weeks along.  I am technically due 2/6/10, but I am having a planned C on 1/28/10. This pregnancy is much different than my last two....this one has more of the "common" symptoms like morning sickness, and heartburn with throwing up...  I have varicose veins where I never could imagine that there could be one.  At the end it will be all worth it.
We are having another girl...so we will be parents to three girls, my husband is a little freaked out but is coming to terms with three wedding slowly, but this is the last one as I will be tied after my C.
Our bundle's name will be Elianna, not sure on a middle name yet...Any suggestions?
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When are you due?   Jan. 11th
Do you know the gender? A boy!
Is this your first pregnancy or have you been pregnant before?   2nd pregnancy
What else to do you want to share about your pregnancy?   His name is going to be Cyrus James :)
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Hi, my name is  Michelle and I'm due 1/8/10.  This is my 2nd pregnancy, the first was a miscarriage.  I am having a boy who is measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule.  He weighed 5lb 12 oz. as of my last ultrasound 3 weeks ago, and measured 35 weeks then.  (I'm just 35 weeks today.)  The last time my doctor checked my baby he was breech, so I'm hoping he has turned around with  my appointment next week, or he may be a c-section.  I'm just hoping for a healthy baby though.  


EDD - 1/8/10  Elijah Christopher
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I am Linn... 36 weeks pregnant... This is my fourth child from second marriage... I have 3 children from first marriage.. They are grown up and 2 of them moved out.. my youngest is 16 years old and in HS...

My due date is Jan 18th, 2010.. but doctor scheduled me to go into the hospital on Jan 11th, 2010...

I am having a boy and his name will be Zachary Michael..

This pregnancy seem pretty normal...got headache for first trimester... after second trimester.. It's normal pregnancy..  I love to eat and I eat everything.. My husband said I am "SEE FOOD" diet.. I see any foods.. I eat.. :-)

I am due anytime.. I can feel the pressure between my legs... hopefully my baby is born after the holiday..

Good luck to all and take care

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I am due on Jan 21st.  But will be having a C-sec on Jan 13.  
This will be techincally my 4th pregnancy.  I had two MCs before I had my DD (2.5yrs now).  
This one is a BOY!! And his name will be Cooper Allen Woolston.  I am soo ready to have him though I am short 5'2" and have a lot of pressure in my pubic and pelvis bones.  Walking just a short distance is a chore.  I have GD, and they are saying he is approx. 7.5lbs already.  I have no dialation or thinning as of xmas eve.  I have felt alot of braxton contractions over the last month.  I am about 1/2 way prepared for him, but I kept all of my baby stuff from daughter so I just need to go through it and see what I can use for a boy.  I have like 25 totes of baby stuff.  i know it's sad. lol  But now I won't have to buy much.  We put the crib up in our room yesturday so that was a big sign that wow it's going to be very soon.  Other then the GD I am in good health.  They also said his hair is already a little over and inch long.  I have no energy and can't bend an inch.  Those parts are not so fun.
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Hello all , My names Lindsey. Im 25 and 35 wks prego with my 3rd baby. I have a 41/2 yr old son named Malcolm and a 18m old son named Kelden. We are expecting a little girl this time around ( Rylynn __??__ )  We did not plan this little one , but cant wait until we meet her. I have been in alot of pain and keeping up with my sons has proven to be to much for me ( because of my back)  I have be having ALOT of BH and think I prob wont make it past 37 wks , but you never know. Hoping the DR will let me go shortly after delievery... if they dont  my house is going to look like a bomb went off... ick! plus my husband might end up ducktaping the kids to the floor , lol. Enjoying mommyhood on Maryland's beautiful Island of Kent :)
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