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Maternity Clothes Yet?

Hi Ladies!! Have any of you had to buy maternity pants or shorts yet? I will be 10 weeks tomorrow and I just came home from buying new maternity shorts..they are sooooo comfortable!! :) I didn't have a toned stomach before I got pregnant, but I was a nice size 10. I'm just wondering how the rest of you are doing as far as what you can wear!
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I know I need to get myself some new maternity clothes. I am only 6 1/2 weeks, but I'm pregnant with multiples. So far I'm holding my pants up with rubberbands. That's only going to work for about a couple more weeks. So are you showing already or is it that your clothes just doesn't fit you?
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Not yet - and I hope I can hold out for a few more weeks yet....this is my second pregnancy, and I'm popping faster than I did last time (a lot of my pants already feel tight)....

Since I'm planning on this being my last pregnancy, I don't want to have to buy too much new stuff...I'll get some wear out of my existing maternity wardrobe, but I will be forced to buy some things since I was due in September last time (have mostly summer stuff) and will need things for colder weather this time around, being due in late January...
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Have any of you ever tried bella band? I hear they are suppose to help you use your regular pants for a longer time. I will buy some and let you know how they work out!!!
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I am showing a little bit, but it looks more like I just have a thick middle! I definately can't button my old pants & I've been wearing some of my sisteres old size 14 stretchy capris and those are working fine. I wanted to buy a bella band Vani, if you get one let me know if you like it. Where do you buy them?
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Well they have a Motherhood Maternity store close by so I will probably stop by when I go to my dr. appt. on Wed. I hope they work because if not I will have to buy maternity clothes already. My pants are not fitting anymore and my pj bottoms are not fitting either. I'll let you know how those work.
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im cubbie i dont show tell at least 5, 6  months im not really big just 195 but i usually dont ware maturnity at all just plain old cloths well i do have 3 pair on shorts thay are really comfy
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I had to buy maternity pants at 6 weeks. I'm not realy showing but my pants and even underwear were starting to realy get uncomfortable. I'm 7 weeks now and had to go get a maternity bra, as I have gone up a whole cup size already. I'm trying to mostly wear comfy dresses so I can save my money for winter clothes, when I will realy need it.
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I am 10 weeks and finally had to break down and buy some bigger clothes or clothes that could grow with me (stretching waistbands and babydoll tops). No one could tell that I have a baby bump yet but I sure can! I hate the in btween stage where people just think maybe your gaining some belly fat or weight.......ugh.
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Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one! :) The in-between stage is awkward, but my husband is starting to notice finally. He reached over and rubbed my belly for the first time a little while ago...it was the sweetest thing ever! :)
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I'm normally a size 8 or 10 (I think that's a 4 or 6 in the US) and with my previous 2 babes, I didn't show until well after 16 weeks. I'm well and truly showing like I'm about half way along but just hit 10 weeks today.  Mind you, I haven't gained any weight so I'm happy about that.  I'll look at starting to gain in about 6 weeks I suppose.

I'm determined not to spend any money on new stuff for a while and I kept all of my old maternity gear (albeit out of fashion but who cares??) so I'll probably dust off a few things soon.  

In the mean time, I'm still wearing my own clothes, mostly with the zipper undone or the band pulled under my belly which makes my bum look baggy HA HA>

I absolutely LOVE my super low cut Wrangler jeans as they sit across the hips under my growing belly, so they're brilliant!!  I try and wear them as much as I can 'coz they're the only thing that really fit comfortably.  

I'll dig the old baby stuff out as well soon when we get to rearranging the bedrooms (which we'll do in a couple of months) and give everything a wash and an air out.  This will be their last tour of duty - they're so tireless!!
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I went out to buy something like the belly band, but it's by 'a pea in the pod' and I like it. It helps keep jeans up without having to use rubberbands. I really like it. I went to target and found some other one's there and they are like $10 cheaper there than at the maternity store. I think they will work for me for the next couple of months.
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I am gonna have to shop soon. Down to three pairs of pants to wear right now. We just hit 10 weeks today. So far I have only lost weight and not gained yet. Noticing a small bump on belly. I am a larger woman though. Is there a plus size shop anyone knows of that would have maternity clothes for sizes 26W?
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i am for shure going to have to get some matunity cloths now that im having twins omg im so nurvous iv seen some pics of pregnate with twin moms and wow lol
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lol... Can you imagine how I'm going to be in a couple of weeks??? I have not been able to find pictures of how a woman looks when pregnant with 5!!!
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god i have to see some pics of you lol i will think of you when i feel over welmed its all worth it though, well john and kate had 6 in there so look at some pics of them she was big no dont look jk we will help each other thrue this
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I get bloated here and there so some days I need to wear larger waisted pants while other days I dont. Im due Jan 20th. Is this normal?
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I'm 8 weeks 2 days and my jeans dont fit :(  i am normally a size 10/12.
I have been sporting my exercise pants.. very comfy..   awaiting the day that I will have to get maternity.. I've always had a bit of a tummy, but now it just hurts to zip my jeans

Oh well, the joys right?
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I am 13 weeks and i havent gained a pound but i have  a really big pooch that is uncomfortable in my clothes so i bought one pair of maternity capris that i can wear with my shirts until the end of summer so i can save money for the winter clothes....
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I had to bring out the maternity clothes this week (this is my second pregnancy) and wore a pair of mat. capris to work one day and then a mat. skirt another.  I'm just being careful to not wear the ones with the big belly bands - which are my favourite....they're really comfortable, especially when your belly's huge - so that no one suspects.....

I just still can't get over that I'm going on 10 weeks and have to wear some maternity stuff, whereas the last time I was still in my regular clothes until I was 5 months along!!
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I still havent joined the maternity clothes club :-/.. Although, I have to leave my pants unbuttoned but my zipper up of course, with my shirt over it.. So i think its atleast time for pants right? lol
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you are sooo funny!! Is this your first? I am definately in maternity wear now!!
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Yep baby number one. Im so excited! But its still very surreal to me. I guess once I get my bump, reality will set in.
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I am 12 weeks and was actually trying to wait until the end of August since then I will not have to buy any summer maternity clotIhing.   But, I am on my second pregnancy and am showing much quicker than I thought.  Pants are really starting to put pressure on my stomach which is extremely uncomfortable;  especially when you are constipated LOL.  
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I'm 11 weeks with my first pregnancy I know exactly how you guys feel I'm 180 pounds was 191 pounds before my pregnancy but I still feel fat I'm so bloated and I can't suck in my stomach:( I bought a pair of maternity pants they are so comfy but too big all around excepmy waist lol I just want to start showing so that I just wont look fat
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