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I am only 6 weeks pregnant and we have a cat and I'm concerned about getting toxicplasmosis. They say you can get it from cleaning the litter...coming in contact with cat feces but my concern is my hubby changes it and takes it immediately outside. So he touches the doorknob and then the soap dispenser at the sink and then finally the faucet....so can I get it from touching those things. Also the cat steps in her feces and kicks it around in her box so can't she contaminate where ever she walks? Finally my last question is our cat kicks and carries out some of the cat litter on her paws. We vaccuum that up, so when we vaccuum the rest of the house is that possibly spreading toxicplasmosis??? I'm sorry for all the questions! I'm just extremely concerned. Thanks!!
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I understand your concern. I share them as we have a cat also and my husband is away for sometimes weeks at a time and I have to change the litter.  When i change it, I wear surgical gloves until I've finished cleaning the tray and remove them right before i wash my hands with antibacterial soap after.  But yes - their paws and so on..... From what I understand, you can have a blood test to check for antibodies if you are super concerned.  Also, if you have lived with cats all your life (which I have) you have more than likely already been exposed prior to becoming pregnant and are already carrying antibodies so it's unlikely to be a problem for you or your baby now.  But have a blood test anyway just to be sure.  Cheers to a safe and happy pregnancy!!  PS: my husband actually wants to re-home our cat while I'm pregnant just to be super-safe.  So perhaps this is an option for you also if you have friends or family willing to help you?
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