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WAY MORE Gas than Normal?????

Hey ladies!  I am 5 weeks pregnant with #2...and this may be TMI...but I am having WAY more gas than I did with my daughter.  I have been reading about this...and a lot of people have suggested that this could be indicative of TWINS?

Twins run in my family...and I would be overjoyed if this is in fact the case....but just wondering if any of you are also experiencing the same thing.  Other than that...all I have is semi-sore bbs, and mild cramping/nausea, OH and extreme fatigue!
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Wow, me too!!!!  I'm almost a hermit.  That or really uncomfortable by trying to hold it in while i'm in public!!  ha ha.  I'm really tired also.  AND my good friend Dr John reckons my bloods are in the higher than average for multiples.  So who knows.....twins would make me unbelievable happy (I lost twins due to m/c just over 2 years ago).  Let us know what any of your scans reveal.  I'm having a scan in 2 weeks - can't wait!!
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I have all  above as well and twins run in my family!
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I have all  above as well and twins run in my family!
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I have all those symptoms as well and my grandmother is a twin. (not sure if that means I could have them or not)  I always thought twins would be cool, but I already have two so I would rather just have one, lol!  Four children would be too many for me....

I have been soooooo very exhausted!
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