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ive seen other similar questions being ans here iam kind of desperate n i wont lose nothing by asking. ive got a 1 m old baby boy but dont know who is his father....these r all the facts i was not planning to hav kid so i was on birth control the nuva ring for bout 6 months befor i got preg i usualy get my period in the end of the month or in the beg 30 -2 the month i got preg i did not kep trak on when i had my prd which i always did but wat eveq. i must of gotten preg on april   goin with wat the dr told me i fond out i was preg when i was  7 weekr with early s.g   i was with one guy on april 4-5 And then guy# 2 on the  6th  (never in my life will that ever learned my lesson) but i was with guy 2 also on april 9-10 and some where between 12- 16. my due date was  jan 11 the thing is that i was not sure when i got my prd on apr which i sup did it was is conf sup dr i got my prd on the 6th which was like wat but i was on bir con bfr does that change it and if it does then ovulation could of changed        
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I dont think it would really matter when you got your period with dates that close...All women ovulate at different time and sperm can live in your for up to 5 days.  Therefore with dates side by side it would be impossible to tell without a blood test.  And espically being on birthcontrol there is no telling when you ovulate since being on birth control you are not supposed to ovulate!
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