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What are you doing after the baby is born?

I'm just curious - what are you doing after your baby\babies are born?

Are you going back to work (full-time or part-time?) or will you be a SAHM?
Are you taking any time off before your baby/babies are born?
If you are going back to work, how many weeks off are you taking for maternity leave? Who is watching your baby/babies?

I am not taking any time off before my bean is born - unless I have to. I can take unpaid leave if I want before the baby is born. I am lucky enough to be able to work from home the month before the bean is here so I'm hoping that I can rest enough throughout the day that working until the end isn't too hard. I get really tired now and I'm sure it will get harder.  

I am taking 14w off after the baby is born. My company's maternity policy is paid 6w for natural delivery and 8w for c-section after the baby is born. I live in NJ and there is a program that extends company's policies for another 6 weeks. I plan on bf for the first 3 months so I want to bf and wean before going back to work.

Childcare for the bean after I go back to work is our toughest problem. We are lucky enough that close family lives in the area, so we are hoping to do a mix of family watching the baby (3 days/wk) and daycare (2 days/wk). However, there is a price to having family watch our baby and I change my mind a lot. I can easily see my parents and IL's just ignoring my and my DH's wishes since they "know better". I can also see comparisons btn how we raise our children and how my "perfect" SIL raises her children. And there is always some sort of family drama...

Just curious to see what other people are doing...
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Im stopping working Jan. 1st and due and Jan. 17th...it is my boyfriends christmas present to me so I can have some time to myself.  I wont go back to work until April or May depending on how i feel about it, and will only go part time then.  My boyfriend and I will do most of the watching with family members and family friends filling in for an hour here an there!
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I am going out of work on Jan 22nd (C-section is Jan28th).  I will taking 3 months off so returning in April!  I cannot wait to have that time with the baby.  Unfortunately, I work for the state of NY and their benefits are not as great from Maternity leave as you would think.  Because we don't pay into disability, I cannot use disability for c-section.  So I have to use ALL of the time I have accrued and then I can get half pay after that.  I will be left working like three weeks FMLA w/out pay! Because I have to use all of my time in order to get even half pay, I will have no time left when I get back to work in April.  It really stinks!!!  It will be worth it in the long run so I can spend time with the baby and get ready for day care.
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I work full time from home so once the baby is born I will take a week off and then back to work I go.  It is stressful at times working from home but then again it is nice that my kids do not have to go into daycare at all.
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I work in Lansdale, PA, but I am looking for day care in Voorhees.

Limonada- it must be tough without family living close by. But wonderful that you are able to take off work for 13 months! I am debating between home daycare and more formal arrangements. There are benefits to both and I change my mind often. I plan on using daycare when I work from home (2 days a week).
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where you work? my day care is great
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Good questions!! :-)

I live in Canada, so my answer might not help you much....but here goes anyway.

I'm due on January 19 and planning on working up to January 13 - the last 2 weeks of work, I plan to work 3 days from home and then take the remainder of each week as vacation.  This will only work, of course, if the baby doesn't come early.

I will have a year off, on EI, starting on January 18, 2010.  My company tops up for the first 6 weeks of mat leave, in lump sum form once you've been off work for 6 weeks.  I plan on taking 3 weeks of vacation at the tail end of my mat leave so that I can return to work in February 2011 - this will depend on whether the baby comes early or not, how much time I can take off at the end.

We don't have family in town, so daycare is our only option.  Our son is 3 and has been in daycare since he was 13 months old when I returned to work following my last mat leave.  We did a home-based daycare for 2 years and he's recently moved to a daycare centre - and loves it.  He'll be starting kindergarten in September, so we'll have to move him back into our neighbourhood at that time as someone will have to drop him off and pick him up from school (well, when I'm home from mat leave, I can do this sometimes myself).  

As for baby, we'll need to find daycare for him/her starting in February 2011.  Waiting lists at daycare centres can be long, so we're already on a couple.  Ideally, it would be great to have both kids at the same place.....we'll have to see if that can work out or not.  There are pros and cons to both home daycare and formalized daycare centres - we've seen DS grow so much since he started at the centre in October....we probably should have moved him sooner.  
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