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I know that they say sometimes pregnant women tend to get at least a cold while being pregnant.  I was wondering if anyone has gotten sick since being pregnant.  Friday around midnight I woke up practically convulsing because I was so cold yet my body itself did not feel cold. I was shivering so bad that I end up throwing up.  I got warmer clothes on and put on two comforters. In the middle of the night I woke up dying of heat and sweating.  The next morning I woke up feeling awful! I had a fever all day. It was up and down.  I did call the OB nurse and she said that I may have little bug, but as long as there were not any flu like symptoms it should pass.  I was just very concerned about the baby.  

Oh a good note....I felt the baby kick on the outside of my belly today and it was very exciting.  I only wish my DH was home to feel it.  He has wanting to feel the baby for weeks now,.
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Thanks to all!  I am feeling much better.  My fever went away and I really had no other symptoms.  I did however have a horrible headache for about 5 days, but the too has gone away.  Baby is still moving like crazy so it must not have affected her in any way.  Going to get flu shot next week.
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I was sick with the Flu last week and ended up taking the Tamiflu.  Just had my 24 week visit to OB today and everything was fine.  My little girl has been kicking and moving like crazy even when I was really sick.  I lost 6 lbs the week I was sick but when I was weighed today I ended up only losing 1 lb.  He said that it was ok to lose 1 -5 lbs but they only get concerned if you lose 10 lbs or more.  I was vomiting for 1 day but the rest of the week just ran a fever of 102 and could not eat hardly anything.  But, like I said everything is just fine so do not worry yourself over being sick.  Just make sure you get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids and also try to avoid other people that may be sick.  I hope that you are feeling better and you are in my thoughts and prayers.  
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When I was pregnant the first time, I never got sick - not once, even with a cold!

But now I have a toddler at home who is bringing germs in from daycare, and I just got over a heck of a cold.  Had I not been pregnant and been able to medicate, I probably would have been able to get over it sooner, but because I couldn't really take anything, I was sick for 2 whole weeks.  

As a result, I didn't have much of an appetite and when I went to see the OB on Monday, I was told that I hadn't gained any weight since my last appointment (4 weeks prior).  I'm measuring at 24-25 weeks, though, and had grown since my last appointment, so he wasn't worried.  And he reassured me that my cold wouldn't hurt the baby at all.  I've still been feeling lots of movement - if anything, the baby is probably annoyed at being kept up so often by my hacking ;-)

Congratulations on feeling the baby move from the outside - that is SO exciting! :-)
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I am 24 weeks pregnant and haven't yet been sick...  I tried to take care myself the best i could especially right now Swine Flu is around... My daughter school has 19% of kids having Swine Flu... I do afraid my daughter might bring the flu home.. so I have to be cautious by making her wash her hand all the time and using hand sanitizer often... stay way from all her friends who have Swine flu even they said it's over and they came back to school...

Our immune system are weak and virus can attack us anytime and very quick... I took alot of vitamin C as well...

I hope you feel better and take care of yourself and little one...
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i havent yet been sick but i feel a cold coming on...which really stinks.
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