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please help

I had my last period June 14th & I was expecting my next period to start 28 days later July 12th. Well i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend at 12pm that morning and he didnt pull out on fathers day which was June 19th,which was the day after the last day of my cycle. I took next choice Wednesday June 22nd at 9:30pm and the 2nd pill on June 23rd at 6am. 3 days later I had what looked like dark brown discharge and the next day looked like a normal period, and lasted until the next day (total of three days). My question is when should I expect my next period today is June 12th and it is 28 day after my last normal cycle (the day I was suppose to have my period). I’ve been feeling a weird feeling in my stomach and I don’t have any signs of my period coming, normally my breast swell, I have a early discharge, and a little cramping to let me know its coming. Ive taking 3 pregnancy test and they all came back negative, and I took the last one today. My tummy is so round in the lower area, and I’ve been feeling really weird, does this mean Im pregnant, Please give me some advise ASAP, I’m going insane with the whole thing.  

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Anytime you use the Plan B emergency contraception, it can disrupt your cycle. You should see your health care provider (the product information suggests seeing your doctor within 3 weeks of taking it) just to be safe.
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I would think it unlikely that you are pregnant but I would check with your doctor just to be sure about your other problems. Good luck
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