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telling family & friends.

i had my second ultrasound today, the baby is doing great! A heart beat of 163, the other twin didn't survive which is very sad but I am still excited for the baby that is doing great.  I told my family right away because we are very close, most of my boyfriends family knows but he hasn't told his dad yet (in which we are going on vacation with, and I can't keep my mouth shut about it for a week!)  We agreed to wait until 12 weeks, which isn't until Sunday but we were to excited.  I'm only 19 and he is 23 when we were pregnant the first time his dad said he didn't want him to make the same mistake he did.  And i think that is why he wont tell him. (we lost our first baby)

How is everyone else going about telling there family?  Have you told them or have you decided to wait?
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We were going to wait until the 12 week Nuchal scan and test results (happening on Tuesday 7th July) but it's pretty obvious that I have a MUCH bigger than 'normal Mum' belly now, so DH decided to tell them last night. They were so excited, jumping all over the place (11YO wasn't as he has CP but he was laughing and bouncing) they both want a little brother, but 4YO daughter wants "a little sister as well please Mummy".  OK, order taken, let's see what the waiter delivers huh??

So now that the cat is out of the bag, I guess it will run amok and everyone will know.

Now it's up to DH to make the calls to all of his siblings and friends to tell them.  Most of mine knew weeks ago!!  Ha ha.
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o my i told them the min i found out and then when i found out it was twins but i did feel i was jumpin the gun a little when i had the twin scare i felt i should have waited just in case one did parish but so far so good and im so sorry about your baby
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We're waiting to tell family until after we've had our first u/s (July 13) and, God willing, see that flickering heartbeat!!  I ordered a "Big Brother" t-shirt for DS online and will go visiting family with him wearing it....I stole that idea from someone else on the Pregnancy 18-34 board , haha!  

We've told a few friends already....Friends are easier, I find, as they don't have as many expectations and aren't, generally, as emotionally invested in everything.  

I'll wait to tell my boss and co-workers until I'm at least 12 weeks, definitely after the first u/s as well....
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