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xanax and pregnancy

I am currently weaning off xanax and was on 3mg a day pre preggo, it's been a month and I'm off it. I think the OB weaned me off too quickly, he substatued for buspar but it isn't helping the withdrawls and they are horrible and I know that xanax and withdrawl can cause harm to the baby. But the OB refuses to put me on a lower dose and trying to wean a little slower. any suggestions or am I just having anxity from not having it. but the withdrwls ae horrible. please help
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Hang in there.  You're doing great not taking it and your baby will thank you also.  I know it's hard and the withdrawal is a killer, but the long term will be worth it.  You'll have a happier baby for it as the babe won't be withdrawing as well.  You have support (albeit from strangers).  I know it's a bit different, but fought alcohol for 2 years and thought I was never going to win...but if you stay determined, you will win.  Your mind stays linked to it for longer than your body does.  Take care and let us know how you are going.  A month off it is great!!  Well done.
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Thanks for the upbeat advice...I'm just taking it day by day. its also hard with a toddler running around
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I feel for you!!!!!!! :( I have panic disorder, and thankfully don't take Xanax every day. I only take it when I'm starting to actually have a panic attack. I take Effexor every day, though. It's been the only daily drug that's helped me control my panic, and thankfully my doctor says it's okay to take during pregnancy. I'm 11 weeks and I'm down to 75 mg of Effexor and only .25 mg of Xanax only as needed (which is about less than once a week). Good luck, girl!!! Hang in there!!!
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