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How are all the new moms doing?

Hello -

Wanted to know how all the new moms are doing?  Are you getting plenty of sleep?  How is your baby sleeping?  Are you breastfeeding?  Any breastfeeding issues?  How are the new dads doing?  Are you getting enough support?  Any other thoughts and comments?

My little one is now 19 days old - I am breastfeeding every 3 hours (unfortunately I'm not producing enough milk so am using a supplemental system where I feed him formula through a feeding tube in his mouth when he breastfeeds).  Overall he is a very healthy good boy, he eats well, is gaining weight, and is happy.  My dad was here and held the baby for hours at a time which helped me out tremendously.  My dad has now gone, which makes life much tougher.  My husband helps out but I think feels useless since the baby seems to eat, pee, poop, and sleep.

Wanted to know what other people's experiences are...
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It's normal to have bleeding for 4-6 weeks after delivery.  I'm still bleeding and my delivery was on 1/9/11.  No worries, unless you are bleeding more than a period.
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Malia will be a month on the 5th! Wish there was some way of slowing down time.  She is doing great, she was 10lb and 22" at her appoint yesterday.  I am breastfeeding and I pump for the occasional bottle.  She very rarely cries, the first week it concerned me she cried so little, I would look forward to bath time cause that was the only time she cried, now it's just the odd time she gets a gas bubble.  I had to feed every 2 hrs the first 2 wks due to jaundice, now she is feeds about every 3hrs, she goes 5 hrs every evening from 9pm-2am which is great I just need to learn to start going to bed earlier so i can get more sleep.       My husband was able to be home for the first 3wks which was wonderful, he would get up and get my oldest off to school, make all the meals and let me catch a nap when I needed it. He was back at work for the last week, he works away for a wk and home for a wk, he gets home tonight, YAY, but I made it through the week, meal times are most difficult if she's awake.
I don't see my dr again until Mar.5th (2mths after birth) and I am just wondering should I be concerned that I am still bleeding (lochia) a month after.  With my first 2 it only lasted about 2wks.  The more active I am in a day the heavier it is, I will think I'm almost done cause it goes the darker brownish colour but than next thing I know it's back to being bright red.
Glad you all are diong well with your little ones, enjoy!
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Lillian rose is now 2 months old she smiles coo's and sometimes a giggle or too she is holding her head up on her own doing  great with tummy time she is also sleeping all night witch is great i never had that when my son was that small and far as feeding go's i bottle feed she is on an organic formula she will take about 4oz every 3hours during the day and after she been asleep all night when she wakes up about 6;30am she will take 6oz  she is very alert loves the ceiling fan over all she is a good baby she wont cry unless she is wet or hungry  
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Faith is now 4 weeks old and i can't believe it! With her and her brother I'm totally exhausted. I'm breastfeeding but having to supplement because of slow weight gain and we had alot of latching issues in the beginning, she is latching much better now, even though we have to have a couple goes at it sometimes but hopefully i will be able to stop supplementing completely soon by taking out a formula feed every couple days and replacing it with breastfeeding. I feel like i have a love hate relationship with my pump...stupid hand pump lol.

Anyone elses babies clusterfeeding? Some afternoons I feel like all I do is run after DS while trying to BF DD for 3 hours at a time. lol its an interesting sight to be sure

She's sleeping about 6 hours a night most nights as long as she is swaddled. I don't know what I'd do without the Swaddle Me's because she is so wiggly that i can't get her in a regular receiving blanket tight enough to where she doesnt end up out of it and waking herself up at night.

She's holding her head up more and more, she could hold her head up for up to 10 seconds since birth so now she's going minutes at a time and i can't believe it, i dont ever remember my brothers being able to hold their heads up this long when they were only a month old

Im so happy our little bundles of joy are finally here!
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My little girl is 24 days old and is doing great.  I tried to breast feed but she would not take it once my milk came in so I went to pumping.  My milk started to decrease so I started on some herbs which seem to be working. I pump every 3 hours and have already stored some in the freezer.  She is sleeping a good 6 hours at night so I don't wake up to pump then.  I can't seem to get much done. She wants to be held all the time. Even when sleeping.  She has a little temper!  My husband does what he can but at times I feel like his computer games take a priority.  Today I bit his head off about it. We have been rearranging a few rooms since our hockey billets moved out so the computer has been off. I feel like my maternity leave is going by to fast.  I go back to work March 1st and it feels so close.  I wish I could stay home longer.
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hi, :o}

Isnt it lovely seeing all us jan mums anouncing there babys arivals, and quite a few early feb mummys have joined to.

its been great watching everyone getting the BFP's and now hearing or the baby being born.
its been great sharing the whole pergnancy experience with others also expecting.

my little mans almost a month old already, its going way to fast.
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