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Pregnancy Freak Out

Yesterday was tough. On Saturday I had my Family baby shower which was just great. My family is super tight and everyone was very generous. We filled our dining room with stuff.

I have to admit that 'stuff' gives me anxiety. My Mother says that my husband and I are minimalist. I can see how she would say that considering her love of yard sales and flea markets. Her house looks like a packed museum. Anyways... Yesterday when I woke up, the dining room was just driving me nuts with all of the 'stuff'.

I asked my husband where we were going to put all of this. He said, "We will figure it out." Meaning...later. Okay. Well Later isn't really working for me these days. I need more immediate action. I was always told that if something is bothering you then you have to take care of it yourself. I started sorting everything out. It took me about 4 hours to do this. That includes washing all of the bottles, sorting all of the clothes by age, sorting the diapers by size (we are using cloth), toys, books...you know...all of that STUFF! I then put everything in our master walk in closet. A closet that is supposed to house our clothes but hasn't been finished.

When I put the last box in the closet I felt overwhelmingly sad. I just put the baby in the closet. This is where my head was at. I felt sad that I didn't have a room set up for him/her. It never occurred to me how hard that would be. All of a sudden, I really wanted to have everything in it's place. **Side Note*** We are moving this Spring and thought it would make no sense to set up a full on nursery. We have 3 bedroom house and use the 2 extra bedrooms as a home office and a guest room.**

I spent the next few hours in bed because I had exhausted myself emotionally and physically. My husband was out tinkering in his shop. When he came back in, I found myself being short with him. I was mad that he wasn't overwhelmed or feeling the need to set up things like I was. Which was totally unreasonable of me. But, in the moment...I couldn't think straight.

I made dinner and when we sat down to eat he asked me what he had done. I proceeded to cry and ramble for the next 3 hours about the emotional turmoil of pregnancy and nesting. My poor, sweet husband listened patiently and rubbed my back. He offered to do what he could. He asked me to make him a list of things I wanted done. I kept telling him he needed to just figure it out. Which again...is unreasonable.

In the end, all is well.Today my eyes are swollen and I have a headache. I don't know when our little one's 'space' will be defined. I just know that it will happen and that that nesting instinct is NO Joke! I have 10 weeks to go. That is more than enough time....especially If I can get through the holidays. Also, I have another baby shower in December and I have to make sure I can handle the 'stuff' better next time :)

How are the rest of you guys doing?
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Oh to be pregnant for the first time again.  You will get through it.  The emotions close to the end run havac on you.  I too am having my moments of crying. Somthing I rarely do.  Did you get a bassinet?  Maybe re-arrange your bedroom and define a small space in your room.  This may help.  The Nesting part will be there with every pregnancy.  It is weird when it hits. Some it hits earlier than others. I am a constant nester.  The nursery has been done for months.  I just recently washed some items and packed a diaper bag. We keep the door to the nurdery closed because we have cats so I go in there usually once a week to look around and see if I am missing anything.  I have been depressed lately and having a hard time coping with the stress at work.  I stayed on my bed and watched TV all weekend.  I finally went ourside and walked to the mail box yesterday to get Saturdays mail.  We live in a gated community and our mail box is a block away. It actually felt good to be out in the fall air.  I am having issues with family as well so Ive been having the poor me's lately. They dont really know how I feel because I don't share the poor me's with them.  I feel a little let down that nobody has mentioned giving me a baby shower. With the holidays approaching I'm sure I wont be having one.
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Hi Sabrina,

Thanks for sharing with me.I'm sorry you have been depressed. Work can really get to me too. I have to take a walk before my husband comes home to shake off the work day. I'm surprised you aren't getting offers for a shower? There is enough space between your kids to merit a baby shower. These post-holiday babies do get a little ripped off.

Thanks for assuring me that all of this emotional nesting crap is normal. I think I have figured out a compromise on the baby set up. I will be using a co-sleeper crib the first few months in our bedroom. In the office...I'm taking out the futon couch and putting the crib and changing table/dresser in there. I painted some koi fish paintings that match the koi fish bedding that I will hang over the crib. It won't be 'perfect' but at least it will be a small space defined for the baby.
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Sounds like you have a great plan... nesting is difficult- I have a hard time wanting to move furnature and lift heavy things and my hubby always yells at me for it. I havent had it really bad this time around, but I have definantly re-arrianged my 3 kids' beds and toys 2x since we moved in this house in 1.5 months. LOL

The hormones and stress doesnt help the crying at all. I do that when no one is arround- try not to, but sometimes it cant be helped. I am more worried about when she will arrive and how and will it hurt. I am trying for a VBAC this time and I am completly shaken on what is going to happen and walking into the unknown!! My hubby always trys to reassure me he is here for me and kisses my belly, but he wont be the one with the baby coming out of his body!!

I asked him the other day what he wanted for his b'day 12/23 and Christmas 12/25. He told me his gift was already on the way- our daughter MarLea due 12/30. I am trying to figure out something to surprise him with, since he has been so overly caring to me during this time. I am very thankful!!

As time goes by and the baby arrives the hormones will disappear. Good luck on the rest of the nesting. Only a few months left!!
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OMG I know exactly how you feel!! I have a list of about 27 things I want done before the baby arrives in roughly 7 and a bit weeks and I feel so overwhelmed! I just want it all done now! I know I would feel better if I had the nursery set up... but a few things need to happen before I can even start on the nursery. My daughter's room will become the nursery and she will move into the spare room, but the spare room needs painting and some shelves put up and this seems to be a slow process! Not to mention I want all the carpets and blinds in the house professionally cleaned, air cond vents pulled down and cleaned, a new front door, ceiling fans, a new clothesline etc etc etc! DH doesn't understand why everything has to be done now, I can't explain it either, it just does!!! So just remember you're not alone!
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You are not alone -

This is my first child - almost 32 weeks - and have been so busy with work, that I haven't even done the baby room.  Am also waiting until after the baby shower so I know what items to buy.

Have so many things to do in the next 8 weeks.  We need to convert our jacuzzi room into the baby room (which is located inside of our master bedroom) - this means building up the floor by 8 inches to cover the jacuzzi (our handyman will do this).  Then we need carpet, paint.  Haven't bought any baby furniture yet.  Also need to buy car seats, stroller, etc.  The only thing I have bought is the crib bedding/blanket - it will be a monkey/jungle theme that I got from Amazon.  Now I can buy the paint to match the bedding.

Not to mention Thanksgiving next week, Baby shower the week after, preparing for Christmas!

What an exciting time!!  I stop working on December 15th - so will have a month to prepare.

Hopefully he'll come on time and not early!!  Still feeling great with lots of energy, so hopefully will be able to assemble all the furniture (dh has a hurt back, so I'm sure I'll be doing the majority of the physical labor).  In fact, some days I don't even feel pregnant, although some days it seems my belly gets in the way.

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