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stabbing pain in the rib on my right side.

I have looked this up on the internet and have found many things on right side rib pain, but it is under the rib or under the breast. Mine is on my side and it feels like someone has taken a knife or other sharp instrument of torture and shoved it in to my rib. Right in the bone, it only last for a few seconds, and comes and goes but it is not comfortable when it happens, to put it mildly. This is my 4th baby and I am 20 weeks along. I have never felt this with any of my other pregnancys. Just wondering if anyone else has had this or heard of this, would love to hear about it. I have an appointment with my doctor in sept. and I will ask about it then, but I would like to know it this is something I should be concerned about and if I should see my doc sooner. Any info or help would be appreciated. Thank you all in advanced. Good luck to all of you.
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Your gallbladder is located just beneath the right rib cage - it's possible you could have gallstones.  

Gallstones are more common in pregnancy and present as sharp stabbing pain in the right upper quadrant, usually occurs after a fatty meal.

You would need an ultrasound to diagnose this.

Initial treatment is to change your diet - eating only non-fat meals.

You may want to look up "gallbladder disease" on the internet and see if your symptoms are similar.
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I'm sorry, I've never heard/experienced that.  Perhpas you better give your doctor a call, instead of waiting until your appt.  Better safe then sorry, plus they'll have it on record.
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yeah i would call your dr and jsut explain the best you can what it feels like and see what he says , he will be able to tell you on the phone whether he thinks you need to come in sooner then your next appt. Sorry i can't think of anything it could be.
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Thank you all for your answers. A few days after I posted this the pain just stopped, so I am going to mention it at my doc appt on the 17th. I didn't even think about gall stones. Hopefully it was just a fluke and that isn't what it is. Like I said the pain is gone so maybe it was just a tendon or some such thing being pulled. Thanks again.
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