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is it too much weight ?

Ok so I'm 29 weeks + 5 days pregnant & I've gain 25lb so far. Is it too much weight ? Obviously I know it's impossible to stop gaining weight when I'm pregnant but, Is there a way I could gain more weight in a moderated way ? Thanks :)
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I'm in the same boat. On my 24th week check up some how I gained 10lbs in that month. I just weighed myself for the first time (at hone) since the visit and I have stayed the same. So far on here (my weight tracker) I have gained 24lbs since the beginning of my pregnancy. My dr. didn't want me to gain no more than 15-20lbs during the pregnancy. Anyhow I can't say if its to much but I'm in the same boat as you. I just hope my GD test comes out okay when I take it next Monday.

Just remember to eat veggies and fruits. I'm finding hard to do so because they get quite boring...and drink lots of water and if that gives you heart burn go for non-fat (skim) milk.
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Yeaa they do get really boring :\ plus I hate veggies but I eat a lot of fruits tho
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im almost 31 weeks and gained 40 lbs now with the twins....at first i had issues gaining but the boost shakes sure have helped boost my weight gain
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I've only gained about 12-13 lbs, but I have gestational diabetes and really need to watch what I eat!! I actually lost a few pounds last week. I'm almost 28 weeks.
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I'm 29 + 2 weeks and I've gained around 9 kgs, and I'm on normal target. I'm not too bothered and to be honest, 25 lb is not too much, it does depend on certain factors. I'm on the thinner side so I', allowed to gain up until 19 kgs, I gained 15-16 kg during my first pregnancy and lost it all after 9 months. With this pregnancy, I am turned off more foods so that might explain why I have gained less weight (plus running around after a toddler and having alot of stress!).
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Your best resource here is usually your midwife or OB. I only wanted to gain 15-20 pounds at the most since I started out overweight. I know that starting overweight, high blood pressure, and heat diabetes are all reasons to try to not gain as much. But otherwise my midwife just says to eat as healthy as I can ans take my supplements (I,m anemic so that's especially important for me)
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That should say gest diabetes...silly auto correct. By the way i'm 29 weeks and have gained 10 pounds so far.
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Oh ur so lucky only 10lbs it makes me feel fat lol. But even tho I've gain 25lbs I don't feel like I'm overweight but I think is because I'm tall. Plus I've always had a big butt and fat thighs and all the weight I've gained is gone to my butt, cheeks and my thighs :)
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I am 31 weeks and I have gained around 27 lbs (down from 32 lbs a few weeks ago). I have GD though, so I have been really watching what I am eating, which is why I lost some weight. My doctor doesn't seem too worried about it right now, but there was a month I gained 10 lbs and she didn't like that much :). I haven't weighed myself at home, so I dont know if I gained since my appointment last week.
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Wow I am 16 and 32 weeks pregnant I have gained 33lb is that normal
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Well im 21 and I will be 35w on monday and I have gained around 50lbs. Most of it has been in the last few months. And I gained alot when I quit smoking 3 months ago.
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