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Smoking marijuna while pregenant?

Please don't judge me for asking this question.  Im not a bad person for smoking marijuana. I've had a hard time in life and marijuna is my way of coping. Anyways ; I live in Birmingham,  Alabama and I've had plenty of friends have children and smoked marijuana their whole pregnancy and still have custody of they're kids ; but,  people have been telling me I'll lose my child even if I quit months before I have my child.  So. Someone help?  
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i tell you the thruth i use to smoke too in my first two month i smoked still right now im 38+1 not everyone is the same there are ppl that they re babys come out fine others dont have the same luck i just tellu thisdnt doit for u do it for the babys health  i know u want him/her to come out fine im sure u dnt want to regret ur whole live for a desicion that u coould take so your baby while b better just hold ur self for 9 month just like im doing then after that if u wanna keep doing it is up 2 u gud luck
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Your not bad person. But now these doctors office do alot  drug test. Yes they can take kids away!. Just don't do it alot.
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why not just not smoke before doctors appointmens? so if they do test they wouldn't know that you smoked before? why tell them? better to quit completely, but i can't judge you, i was smoking cigarretes and had glass or two of wine once in a while
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One important question to ask yourself, is pot more important to you or the health of your unborn child? Doing something that is harmful to your child is completely selfish. Yes, there Is a percentage of people who smoked cigarettes or pot or any other controlled substance and their child turned out fine, but there is an important number of children who have health issues and even disabilities. Think about how fit those mothers are that have smoked during  pregnancy, they are not ideal parents and are definitely setting their children up for failure. No matter how small the percentage is of your child having health issues, do you want to be that statistic? I have no sympathy for people who choose drugs over their unborn child. If you care enough for this child you can quit.
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