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interview while pregnant

So today I had an interview at a great nursing home! I was soo nervous whether to say I was pregnant or not! One of the first things the lady said who interviewed me was "were hiring for the girls who are on going on maternity leave here shortly..we have a lot of pregnant girls here so make sure not to drink the water!" She said it while she was kind of laughing and I was just thinking oh lord...I ended up not saying anything because this is the job I have been wanting for so long and now I finally get an interview and I'm pregnant ..ugh! What should I do..I know honesty is best but I don't want them to discriminate against me because I'm almost 6 months pregnant..
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I interviewed while pregnant also. its illegal for then not to hire you but your likely to be discriminated against anyway. if your planning on only taking 6 weeks I would wait til after you, get an offer then tell then tell them. if they resend their offer you have grounds to sue for discrimination. best of luck!
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My mom worked at a nursing home while pregnant with my brother and she had to quit so she wouldnt miscarry it is very hard wrk she had to lift people and all. If u are going to be a nurse then it may be ok but if not u may want to be truthful cause if your not and u can't do the work u will have to tell them and if it is in trial period u could be fired for not being honest to begin with about being able to do it.
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You can't be fired for not telling them you were pregnant, you don't need to tell them you're pregnant at all, if you don't want to, it's way too easy for an employer to discriminate on a pregnant woman, just the same as gender or race. I would tell them for reasons that have to do with your pregnancy. If you have to lift, be around certain diseases/infections, etc. but you can wait a few weeks until you show them you have a good work ethic. One thing is though, usually you have to be employed for at least 6 months to get unpaid leave, if you aren't, they can chose not to allow you to come back to work after you have your child. Good luck hun!
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They can't fire u for being pregnant but they can fire u for not meeting work qualifications or what not....u know how companies are if your pregnant they will say "I'm not firing u cause your pregnant u just didn't meet qualifications on the job blah,blah,blah"... That's what I was saying that if u are in housekeeping or nurse assistance u may have to come up with a good reason not to be lifting...
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Yeah, totally agree, and if you are required to lift, I would really make sure it's the recommended weight, because no job is worth your baby!
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I was discriminated against for a job because I was visibly preg and u have to lift so unless the interviewer is blind at 6 months u should have been able to see it so just relax and go for it if u want it
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