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sick baby?

My second baby has a lot a lil problems my first didn't. I switched her formula at about one month I believe because she wasn't pooping on the Infamil Newborn. And her Doctor said she was fine. I switched her anyway. So i've got her on the Gentlease and she did great! but After about a month or two on that she stopped pooping again. and She spit up ALOT I was told to give her watered down apple juice. I did. I also gave her plain water. Now that she's 5 months I've been feeding her applesause and she's been doing really well. Poops every day now. She gets constipated because of her formula I'm almost sure of it. Now today instead of feeding her half a thing of applesauce (like I've been doing) I fed her the whole thing. An she ate it like she liked it. Now she wont stop spitting up. She keeps bawling and bawling so I tried to put her down for a nap and she continued to bawl for another 20 minutes or so. So I picked her up and fed her again. shes spit up 3 times. All over the place. Idk what to do. I've asked my mother-in-law she seems to think I should let her bawl. She works for a daycare, but I just hate to let her bawl. I know somethings wrong. She never spits up this much. =( My poor baby.
(trying to give as much information about her as possible.) She scares super easy. More than half the time she only wants me. could she be teething?
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She could be, I guess.  Have you given her any infant probiotics?  It sure helped my son's stomach.

If she is spitting up, it suggests gas in the stomach that the food cannot get past.  What kind of burping methods are you using?  Have you tried her face down on your lap, head out, and patting her back and then lifting up your legs so she is in an upright position?
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I've had to try every position with her! The one that seems to work is when I lay her on my lap with her stomache on my leg an pat. I think it was gas she continued till she bawled her self asleep but I did give her some mommys bliss. She done better today but still bawled. My first did do the same around this time but because she was hungry. I had to get her cereal. I'm afraid to feed this one cereal because she constipates so easy. You think she'll be ok if I mix some of the oatmeal cereal in her food?
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At 5 months, it's considered a little early.  I don't think cereal is the entire answer if she is hungry, anyway -- milk has protein, which lasts longer in her system, and cereal is all carbo, which takes up plenty of room but lasts less long in her system.  So she'll be hungry sooner, if you feed her cereal.

Applesauce and apple juice are often given to stop the runs.  You might test to see if the applesauce is actually blocking her up.

Try the probiotics, she might need some new working beasties in her stomach to help her digest.
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no the applesauce is the only thing helping her poop I know that. If I don't give her the applesauce she wont poop
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