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Gabriel's labor and delivery story

Hi ladies thank you so much for all of your support!

Short version:
I was induced on Monday Feb.01 at 8am I was already at 3cm dilated and 70% effaced. my doc broke my water at 6:30pm I was 5cm I got the Epidural at 7:30pm I felt the need to push at 10pm and I had Gabriel by 10:22pm that night. he weighed 8lb3oz and 20.5" long.
I was fine after delivery until they decided to move me to my post Pardum room. I then suffered from Post Pardum hemorrhage and they were able to stable me by 4:30am
My little angel and I are completely healthy now.

Long version:
I went to get induced on Monday morning and my nurse was amazing she made sure to numb the area before placing my IV and shortly after she started Pitocin. I made sure to bring a box of chocolate for the nurses so they could take extra care of me ;) so I recommend doing that! Every half hour she would increase the pitocin level two points (the highest they would push it up would be 20) the highest they went with me was 13 then they brought it down to 10 because that was the ideal hormon level to contractions I was having so that the baby dosnt go into distress.

I made sure to vocalize how adiment I was about not breaking my water or taking the epidural until I was past 5cm and my nurse was Ana amazing advocate on my behalf. I didn't want my water broken too early just incase I don't dilate as quickly and they feel the need to stress a C section to avoid an infection. I also didn't want to take the epidural too early because I want to be strapped to a bed too early and not use gravity to help push my baby down.

From 9am - 3pm I was standing and walking around the bed doing squats and just trying to take advantage of the fact that I could be on my feet. My mom and husband were in the room with me so they kept me company and looked forward my pain level to increase (apparently I had a high level of pain tolerance that I didn't know about because I had worse contractions at 38 weeks that lasted for 2 hours that felt worse than the ones I was having while on pitocin) the second time they checked me was at 3pm and I hadn't progressed so my doctor came and she advices that she break my water so the babies head can put pressure on the cervix I declined and wanted to wait a few more hours.

At 6pm my doctor checked me again and I was at 5cm so I let her break my water (it was clear :) thank god) the pain from contractions started to increase and my doc recommended I take the epidural since in my first delivery I had jumped from 3cm to 9cm in 30 mins it was likely that it would happen again especially now that the babies head was engaged. So I got the epidural an hour later (that was most painful part of my whole experience during labor and delivery)

I was tolerating the contractions so well I didn't realize how stressful they were on my body until I stopped feeling them. That's when all of a sudden I got tiered and wanted to sleep for a little since I knew pushing was going to take a lot of energy. With my epidural I could still feel and move my legs they just felt warm and numb. It was the perfect amount because at around 9pm I was starting to feel the pressure of the baby defending and wanting to come out. I didn't say anything because It wasn't the urgent feeling of omg he's coming now! I rested for a while longer then at 10pm I actually felt the babies head starting to come out with the contraction and come back in (that was the feeling not what was really happening he was still +1 station) I got up and told mom "the baby is coming now!!!" Mom ran outside and called the nurse she checked me and said yes you're 10cm and baby is decending"
My doc came in peeped everything got me ready. I had a few contractions then and the pressure was so overwhelming but as soon as she put my legs into position I felt a lot more comfortable and knew exactly when to push since I could feel my contractions. I pushed for 10 mins and could feel the moment the babies head was about to come out. During this whole time my doc made sure to continuously expand and message my area to avoid any tears. My last push I felt the ring of fire and I told my doc I feel burning and that's when she said the head is out. The embolical cord was wrapped around my babies head so she unwrapped it before she had me push one last time to get the shoulders out.
They put my little one on my chest right away. His face was blue but his chest was moving so I wasn't worried just filled with joy!
We asked for a delayed clamping of the cord. They kept him attached to the cord while they checked his heart beat, fever etc once the cord stopped pulsing my husband cut the cord and my doc got the placenta out. The nurses helped me try and nurse my boy before they took him to give his shot and weight and so on. It took him a while to latch but he did finally.

This was all the calm before the storm....

When my hour after delivery was done they wanted to move me to post Pardum. My husband packed our things and got my oldest son and little brother (who were sleeping in the waiting room) ready to go home with mom so they could be ready to go to school the day after.

As mom and hubby were about to leave with all our stuff my nurse helped me out of bed on to the wheel chair. I got up and felt a gush of blood come out so I joked around with the nurse and I said "wow that was a lot!" She's like " yeah that's normal" every time I shifted a I would feel a lot of blood would come out. When she finally got me on the chair I started to feel nauseous so I told her. The nurse thought I probably had a head rush and she said take deep breaths it's ok, but that wasn't helping all of a sudden the nausea got worse and I started to lose hearing in my right ear so I told her, she said don't worry just keep your eyes on me and breath deep breaths then all of a sudden I started to lose my sight and the nausea was so unbearable and she kept telling me to take deep breaths. She didn't grasp how bad I was feeling until I looked her in the eyes and told "please make this go away!" Then she said ok let's get u back on the bed.
She got me on the bed and my husband grabbed my hand and started comforting Medz she gave me an oxygen mask and I was able to breath a little bit I was still loosing consciousness. She checked me and blood was still coming out in gushes. They called my doctor and I don't remember much after except my doc trying to empty my uterus from all the blood and a lot of pushing on my uterus.
I later found out that I had multiple blood clots that caused all of this. After my doc took out the placenta my uterus didn't start contracting and stayed soft so they had train it to start contracting again. The process took a few hours. I was given Medz for nausea and an anti clotting shot in the thigh.

Once I was stable they let me sleep for a little and then they helped me move to my post Pardum room. Everything after was back to normal. I was lucky not tear so recovery isn't so bad. It hurts more now to breast feed because of the contractions then when I was in labor. My back also hurts a lot because it feels like it's open and my heart is pulsing through it. But they said that that's all normal after having a baby.

It's crazy how I went from zero to 60 in no time. I hope you all had and will have a safe delivery.

Thank you so much for all of your support <3
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Thanks ladies! It was definitely one hell of an experience but I'm so happy that we are healthy now!
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Did they not check you shortly after you had him to see if your fundus was firm?! Good thing you knew that it wasn't normal! Glad that you're okay and congrats on a healthy boy!
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Wow crazy story so glad you both are okay!!! Congrats
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