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My mom is an addict and a manipulator. I just can't deal. I'm back in my hometown for the week for my baby shower ( my SO has to work so he is following down friday). I promised my niece a sleepover so I stayed at my mother's house. She wakes me up at 12:30 looking for my car keys so she can run to the store. Minds you when I fell asleep both her and her roommate were in pajamas and now they have clothes on like they are going on the town. I just know her games all too well and the fact that she would wake me up and make every excuse to leave the house in my vehicle just gets me. Before I got pregnant I had no problem calling her on her bs. But since I moved away 3 years ago I just want to give her the benefit of the doubt even though I know she is lying to my face. I know it makes no sense. I just want my child to have the grandmother he deserves. I refuse to put him through what I went through.  If that means keeping her out of his life then so be it. So here I am sitting on the living room couch with anxiety and raging heartburn just patiently waiting for her to come home. Some things never change. I am a door mat.
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You can't be a doormat unless you decide to be one, and having been one in the past (even a few hours ago) doesn't mean you have to be one from now on.  Tell her when she returns that this is it.  Go to a motel, take your niece if she is still there, or just you go as soon as your niece is no longer at your mother's house.  Tell your mom never again.  Just be thankful she doesn't sell the car before she gets home.
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I know and honestly before I moved away I had gotten very cold to her. I would call her on her lies and flat out tell her no. She is one of the main reasons I moved out of state bc there is just so much drama that goes along with being her daughter. I get followed by police bc I'm related to her. It's ridiculous.  We are going to stay with my sister (all my family lives in the area thank god). My SO will be down at the end of the week. I feel so bad that he has to see her like this. She used to be a very strong independent woman. The kind people gravitate towards. Now she is just a train wreck slowly digging her own grave. I refuse to be a part of it anymore.
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My biological mother is the same way. Its really sad! I ended up just cutting her off all together because she won't stop and I'm not going to keep putting myself threw the emotional stress I'm about to have my baby and she doesn't even know and honestly I don't want the drama around me, my husband or my baby. Sometimes you have to let people go it doesn't mean you don't love them either it just means you know they won't change so you have to do what's best for yourself
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I feel ur pain. I still haven't come to terms with my mom and her stupid choices. I just keep getting colder and colder towards her.
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