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Does anyone already look about 4 months pregnant at 5 weeks due to bloating?
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Yes. So much bloating. What baby is this for u?
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This is my first :)
Aw your first? How exciting. This is my 2nd. I always bloated a lot the first trimester. Eating smaller meals and snacking in between helped it a lot. Loose shorts such as soffees or other elastic bands and larger t-shirts take the pressure off and don't make you feel so full.
Aww lovely. When are you due ? I felt like I may of been being dramatic already buying looser clothes but you've made me feel much better that I'm not imaging it lol
The 15th if I'm going off my period app. I'm still waiting to be seen. Tomorrow is my appt. Yes I have clothes that allow for bloating. It's nice when it goes away though.
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Hi. Yes, I had some heavy bloating for about 3 days but yesterday I noticed that it has gone down alot. Now its kinda back to normal. I wear loose clothing so not to place alot of pressure on my lower abdomen. It makes it way more comfortable.
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Yeah I've done that now too and feel much better. I was wearing high waisted jeans and that was too much pressure.
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Yep I do! :(
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I do, and I so dislike this feeling.
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