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Boy or Girl

Hello everyone, right now i m 9 weeks pregnant. I had intercourse during ovulation day and before or after ovulation day.. What is the chance of having boy.  I have a baby girl so this time i want baby boy.. My symptoms are whole day vomitings n full sick same as last time when i was pragnant with my baby girl. And hungry,  loosing weight..
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Unfortunately we will not know unless we get the genetic screening or wait for the anatomy scan in the second trimester. Every pregnancy can be different even if you are carrying a baby of the same sex as your first.
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Hi Avi
There is no way to predict the gender,based on day of intercourse or the symptoms.yes you tube is full of such hypothesis,but they are seldom facts.the only way is by USG,but at many places gender diagnosis is a punishable offence..so pray for a healthy baby and leave the rest to god.if you are worried ,ask your sonologist at 16weeks scan.
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With my girl pregnancies I was horribly sick, with my son I wasn't anything but a little nauseous here and there! My pregnancy now I exactly like my sons! So I'm going with a boy now again lol if you are anything like me, I would guess you are having a girl again! But you never know!
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