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39 weeks...

Hello everyone..I am now 39 weeks!! I can't believe it!! How is everyone feeling? I know that's a loaded question but hey - no matter how many times a day you do it, you still never vent just quite enough. I haven't posted here in a while and figured I would...(wow, I'm still on the whole 39 week thing, lol)

Ok, update on me...

Still having a boy..I've been 1cm dilated since 30 weeks. As of last week, I'm 80% effaced. I've tried walking, sex, pineapple, spicy foods, chinese foods and acupressure with no such luck. I have pre-eclampsia and I'm kinda ticked off about it because I feel like **** and I will probably be pregnant for another week...I don't know if I can take feeling like this for another week. I have my nursery all set up and I'm ready for my little man to come!

How has everyone been sleeping? Tuesday morning I woke up at 3am and was awake up until yesterday morning at about 11:00am...slept for an hour and was awake until last night...I got a few hours sleep but I just don't understand why I'm not sleeping - it's not like I'm not tired..I just have too much mind on my stuff to sleep I guess.

My weight gain is 60lbs and holding...hoping not to gain anymore =)

Can't wait to hear from you ladies!!
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u go girl. my due date was July 4th, but my little man didnt want to stay in that long. he wanted me to see him. since i havent seen his face at all during my pregnancy. i have a question: dont they not give u a C-section or induced u when  u have pre-eclampsia. u are goin to have a big *** baby. excuse my english. are u ready for labor. u better tell them to cut u down there so ur little man dont buss u open like mine did. am still feelin the pain. them stitches are itchin like crazy sendin ideas to my brain. lol my son was born June 19th.
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I am 36 weeks and 3 days I have bee 1 cm for 6 weeks now...Today I went for my check up and I am almost 2cm...I lost my mucas plug but thats all...I am not dropped yet nothing else is going on...My dr says I progress slow...I was just as slow with my son...
I am super tired and don't want to do a blessed thing...
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I think we all are getting very tired its been a long 9months and it seems like the last few weeks are even longer especially when you're not progress as fast as you would like I'm still 1cm and I'm 38 wks so I'm just going to relax until she make her slow appearance!

Good luck Can't wait to see who has the second July baby!!!!!!!!!!!
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I also have a blood disorder and can't have an epidural - my cervix wasn't ripening enough so my doctor didn't want to induce because of the risk of c-section. BUT...I got my induction date yesterday - it's Thursday!! I'm so excited and nervous!! Hopefully I'll be the 2nd July Mommy!!!
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