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Hip pain still there after Pregnancy HELP

I'm so tired of Doctors sending me back home without helping me or giving me an answer besides "I don't know". So I'm hoping to get somewhere by posting my problem here. I'm hoping someone here can help.

So I've been having what seems to me like hip pain for over a year now. When i get up, or sit down, or move, or bend, or walk, I experience this pain. It feels so sharp and occurs mostly in my right hip and occasionally, but not so much, I get the pain in my left hip. The pain is so sharp and high-scaled that I feel like I will fall and break a bone! I practically hop around to try to keep the pressure off of my hip(s). Sometimes I stay still hoping for the pain to subsides but it lingers and the pressure of the pain makes me feel more weak like I cant stand still much longer. A few times I have collapsed to the floor but caught myself bent over, hands touching the floor, trying to prevent something worse from happening. Even when I sit though, I can feel the pressure of the pain...
I've been to the hospitals many times for this but no luck with pinning a name to this problem. I have noticed that my bones "pop" a lot more since this has been going on. But when/if my hip "pops" it does not make the pain go away. If I lie down flat on my back it hurts so bad to get up because of my hip. So I sleep propped up... It was really bad during my pregnancy. I delivered my daughter July 3rd 2008 and since then have still been having the problem. I have recently visited a doctor but still no luck...

I'm so scared because I fear it is something bad or could get worse with time...The doctors only do x-rays and nothing else because they show that everything is normal....

By the way I am 23 year old African American female if that matters at all.
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Hi! I think i know whats wrong with you... i had similar pains... until i bought a new bed!!! anyway... i had this old bed for a long time and it was used before i got it so i dont even know how old it was but still comfy until last year where it got squeeky and srpings would dig in my back. i was pregnant until this year late july and i had SPD (google tells u what it is in pregnancy - could b same for u) i thought i had SPD cos of prgnancy it self - i couldnt sometimes walk, stand for longer than 5mins or anything, my hips inside would grind and make me so tired and my back would hurt all the time... now im not pregnant and i still had those same pains, when i lay down my back would hurt, so i had to sleep on sides or tummy. so a week ago me and my hubby bought a new bed just o thought cos old bed is too old to sleep on. 1 night, 2 nights my backpain suddenly gone and then i realise maybe all these pregnancy pains and after pregnancy pains were cos my stupid old mattress. think about it ;) maybe you have new bed or not old at all maybe its the mattress type is not suitable for ur back - too firm or too soft. and if u had SPD it can last up to 2 years after pregnancy to fade away... i try to keep fit and sleep on my new mattress and at the moment im feeling fine :)
good luck!
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Hi there, during my pregnancy i suffered form symphysis pubis dysfunction which also made my hips very painful, my daughter is now 2 and a half years old and still i suffer from this pain in my hips sounds very much like your pain and is constantly there, i have been to my doctors a few time about the problem and at 1 point he cortazoned it which didnt help at all if any thing it made the pain worse. 2 months ago i was sent for physio where they told me the pain i was suffering from was my hips were inflamed but even now after 6 lots of physio and loads of anti inflammatory tables im still at square 1 and the pain is just the same but now its getting to the point where i just cant cope with the pain anymore i have had to give up work and am so tired all the time with not been able to sleep or the pain waking me up. im back at my doctors this week where im going to demand answers and help i surggest you do the same.
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I sympathise with you both.  I have had almost constant hip pain that sound just like what you have described since I gave birth to my daughter almost 15 years ago!!!!! Right after I delivered I went thgough several rounds of physical therapy but the pain did not improve.  I am remarried now and it interferes with many of the things that I enjoy doing and I am going to pursue more help. If either of you learn anything more, please share!

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I have the same pains. I am going to talk to my doctor about hip dysplasia, it is sometimes hard to see in a x-ray. You might want to think about talking to your doctor for a ct-scan.
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I'm having identical symptoms as you guys. I've seen 2 orthos and had an MRI all to say "I don't know". All they know is what it's not: cancer, pelvic girdle disorder, loss of fluid in the joints. Well this "I don't know" is affecting my daily like way too much!
Has anybody had any positive news or directions since this post started? Please share.
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I have been experiencing hip pain since age 27 and i am now 46 following the birth of my first daughter.With my second daughter I had to wear a support.They said it was because my ligaments had softened.However I have not seen a doctor since I have just learned to live with it.It really is very painful,sometimes I find it hard to get out of the car .I also find it hard to get up when lying flat.I would love to know the cause .Do any of you find it worse coming up to your period?
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Hey! I know exacly how you feel! My lil boy is now 2 and i still have the most horrendous hip pain, esp the left side! I have a memory foam mattress but this hasnt helped! I find it hard to walk very far and def cant run! I am 25, active and am not overweight but since having my baby my hips are incredibly sore. I find it hard to turn over or move in the night and even my skin feels sore - does that make sense?! If anyone has any ideas that would be great!
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looking for answers too.  Ever since delivering my son 5 yrs ago, i have had hip pain, lower back pain, and sever sciatica problems.  Not really until this year has it been so consistently painful... I just read all 7 (i think) posts and just want to validate your claims... YES, coming upon period... YES, i joke that i have hip dysplasia, YES definately hard and painful to get out of a car after driving for just 20 minutes.. (i'm thinking my back needs more support while driving) but i just went to the doctor.. and he gave me scripts for naprosyn & flexeral, but to return in one month..anti-inflammatories basically..and told me of stretches to do to stretch out the groin muscles, and not sit Indian style all the time.  I've always been athletic, but this winter not as much because of the pain.   I went to the chiropractor twice two weeks ago because i couldn't stand up straight I was limping/walking funny.  Seeing him helped however, i'm afraid to keep going if there is something else going on to cause the pain and i'm just making it worse by getting adjustments.   So, i'm not sure what to do.   Funny thing is the doctor is worried about femoral hernias.. but i'm pretty sure that those wouldn't  be bilateral, and I would most likely see bulging... yeah i 've got love handles... but definately not bulging from a femoral hernia.  I'm trying to get back into a workout regime again with my pilates ball and eliptical to strengthen what i do have.. but i still love to sit indian style because it releaves the pressure from my back (i'm short and legs dangle LOL).  Bottom line, i'm pretty sure i'm going to have this problem forever and will have to learn how to decrease the pain without surgeries and excessive drug therapy, i just don't have the answer as to 'WHAT' that will be besides strengthening and conditioning.  
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Has anyone had any resolution on this? It sounds like exactly what I have been experiencing. Been for x-rays, seen an ortho, had an MRI..... Any info would be greatly appreciated. The pain used to be episodic, but it's becoming much more constant now.
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I didnt know so many people were having this same issue until I goggled hip pain during and after pregnancy. I had really bad hip pain during my pregnancy to the point where I couldnt walk and had to wait for the pain to go away. After I delivered I was fine. Now the pain has returned almost two years later and its an everyday pain and its really hard to walk up steps or around for long periods of time. Its seems everyone is hitting a road block as to what causes this pain
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I am in the same boat as all of you, except I had to have a spinal for some surgery when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant and they hit a nerve. I thought that that was my problem. I stopped by the chiropractor and asked him what he thought. When you are pregnant your hip can go out for what ever reason, but because its when pregnant, we all think its a symptom of pregnancy and do nothing about it. The chiropractor said that it popped out and I didn't have it fixed and it has now healed improperly. There is help, he said he could put it back into place for me. I see him tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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how did you get on with chiropratctor i suffer from the same problem and was thinking of goign to one
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