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babies sitting up without support

Question, how many of our babies are sitting up unassisted  by now. James sits up straight when supported, bumbo high chair or my lap, but when I sit him alone he does the tripod thing for a while and then falls right on his face.
When they suppose to start sitting alone? anyone knows?

Otherwise he is doing great, rolling back and forth, moving and holding things with both hands. Nowdays he play with his bottle and is able to put it in and out of his mouth alone, so cute to watch. His feet have been a center of play, can't keep his shoes or socks on for quite a while, keeps gurgling and babbling mahhh, mahhh, grhhhhh, bahhhh, etc., but sitting up, not doing it by himself.
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Medina just started when she hit the 6-month mark for a few secs. To be honest, I didn't push on it too much with her before because babies spines are really sensitive. But usually from around 5-6 months they start to sit unassisted (when you place them there). Medina can sit now up to 60 seconds alone. It's too early for babies to sit up on their own, that usually happens from 8th month onwards.

Medina rolls from back to tummy, other way around, only sporadically - let's just say, too many thumps on the head!! When she is on her tummy she turns her self around (360 degrees). Her legs are strong but I can't get her to push herself up on her arms, I've only observed it a few times, so I'm guessing she is a bit lazy.

Every baby develops differently. My husband never crawled and with 10 months he started walking! There is no link between fast or slow development of babies and intelligence (or reduced inteligence). Everything comes in due time. James is developing wonderfully eternidad :-)
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Jack just started to sit up on his own pretty well. He still topples over if he reaches too far for a toy or turns around to see mommy or daddy :) so we put a Boppy on the floor behind him so if he timbers...he lands softly on the Boppy pillow.It seems like he got this sudden sense of balance overnight. He seems to be doing better on his tummy, propping up and looking around. But if he's not in the mood for it he'll squirm, put his head in the mat, and scream and groan until we turn him back around. Ha Ha. All babies are different, I'm quickly learning! My nephew is 9 months and is crawling all around and already lifting up and holding himself up on his legs. He's ready to roll! But my niece, who is 1 1/2, didn't really start that until 11 months or so...I recall.
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I too was wondering the same thing.  I was reading on the internet last night about 5 month milestones and the big ones for this month were sitting up on their own, holding the bottle and even pushing themselves up to the sitting position.  Those are the main ones I remember cause it is the ones Colter isn't doing yet.  BUT I worked with him a bit today to have him sit and he is much stronger and doing it for about 60 second intervals as well.  Once he gets the sitting on his own down I feel like I will be able to get so much more done around here when he can occupy himself more.  Right now he just rolls all around the living room.  But then I wish we could just slow the growing up too fast process down!
oh, he is able to hold him self standing against this excersaucer and play with the toys standing which is cute...
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all right ladies, now I feel better, you are amazing, so it seems James is doing well then, we started with rice cereal but still having some troubles now and then, so we are only doing it once a day 2 tablespoon and he likes it like that, next week I will try twice a day, it seems he is going to be a slow eater, did not like the food watery but more thick in consistency.
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JT has been sitting up without support for a little while. I started lwith my hands around him but not touching him at 3 months and he would fall right over after about a second. Then the tripod probably started more at 4 months. Probably 5 where he wasn't using his hands to hold himself up anymore because he wanted to play with his toys. Sometimes he would reach to far for a toy and topple over but now that he will be six months if he reaches and starts to go to far he might fall over every now and then but he pretty much catches himself with his hands and looks like he is getting into the crawl position. Every baby is different so don't worry about it.
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Iliana will be 5 months on the third and is not quite rolling over yet.  She tries but her arms gets in the way.  She sits well in her bumbo.  She is quite lazy when it comes to being on her tummy.  She will only play a couple of minutes on her tummy and then puts her head down and cries.  

Anika by 5.5 months was already crawling everywhere so this is different for us and we are liking it.  Iliana will be a baby for a little while longer.  

Enjoy your babies while they are still immobile.  Babies develop at different rates and as long as they are meeting some of the milestones you have nothing to worry about.  

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yup, same here... he's rolling over easily and he moves all around in his crib but he's not even close to sitting up unassisted...
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Lilly is much like James. She can sit up when supported but not on her own. She is rolling over and pulling herself along the ground. she plays with things and make lots of noise and interacts well. I don't see her sitting unaided for a while.
I guess every baby is different!
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Every baby IS definitely different!  Cash sits very well unassisted now.  He can lean forward and grab his toys and sit himself upright again.  When he gets bored with it he lets himself kind of fall forward and catches himself with his arms.  He rolls from tummy to back, but not from back to tummy - just doesn't seem interested in doing it - LOL!  He laughs a ton and babbles away.  He tries to move around, but only uses his arms right now, so he ends up turning around and around in a circle.
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oh and when you pick him up to sit him inn your lap he wants to stand in your lap.  I had to move his jumperoo up to the next higher setting bc he was standing up in it!
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Awww Cash and JT are the same! :-D
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Layla is sitting up pretty well now. She turned 6 mos on dec 18th. I still dont leave her alone sitting bc after 10 mins or so she will fall over. I think she falls after she gets bored bc when she is sitting she will start to lean she will catch herself all the time, but eventually its like she gets bored with it and will just let herself fall, lol. Usually i will sit on the floor with her or let her sit on the bed with her toys while we are watching tv but if i have to get up ill put the boppy behind her that way it will cushion her. She still doesnt roll over either direction but today i put her on her knees and she held her self up and kind of rocked back and forth before she realized she hated that and threw a fit, lol. Maybe she will start trying to crawl soon.
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My 11month old grandson is not sitting up on his own, he don't crawl, and although he can hold things when you give them to him he can't pick things up. Also he is not growing he is the size of a 5/6 month old baby and he is losing weight. Can anyone help with any ideas.
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