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1 year old tantrums

Does anyone else feel like once their child turned 1 there was a switch that flipped and now their easy going baby is a tantrum throwing 1 year old??  Joel has just been a terror the last few days .. He throws fits constantly and I don't know what to do to stop it.
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Actually Medina has been rather sweet, she had a bad case of separation anxiety and now she appears better. But she always wants to take our hand now and walk everywhere and when we don't do that, she cries and gets stiff. I always try to explain that now is not the time (e.g. during breakfast) or when we are out and I put her back in her stroller and she protests, I give her something she loves to snack on or which preoccupies her and then she forgets. Or I just ignore. I think that at their age now they are testing our limits and want to see how we react. They are becoming much more independant now.

Good luck!
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Cooper has definitely gotten MUCH more temperamental, tho it was a gradual thing.  He was, by far, the most easy-going of my four kids.  But now, he is extremely strong-willed, and when he is not happy (which can be for no reason that I can possibly determine) he screams like nothing I've ever heard.  :(
I hope it's just a stage!!  It is very hard to deal with at this age, because they are to young to "punish" and not quite old enough to understand when thay are doing wrong, although I do think they know a lot more than we would realize...
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Like Zazou and Medina, aaround 10-11 m James went through a stage where he was developing a Mr attitude personality, he will hold his fists up in the air and yell very loud for no reason. Now he is back to his sweet self, lay back and easy going but there are times when he yells or "talk" loudly. I kep wacthing him and nocited he does this when he is tired or sleepy, so I take him on my arms sooth him or put him in bed for his naps.

Kaprovea- what kin dof fits he is doing, have you noticed any patterns, like if he is eating, or playing, etc?
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OH yeah!  Cash went from easy going happy baby to a little monster with NO patience!!  He would lose his patience with his toys, books, me, DH, everything!  I will say that it has gotten a little better but when he is tired or hungry he still pitches fits!!  I try to be responsive but its hard bc sometimes I have no clue what has triggered it; and sometimes he does it when he doesn't get his way (i.e. something dangerous or off limits) and he just has to deal with it.  But, like I said, he has calmed down lately so Maybe it is just a stage they go thru.  Cash's lasted about 2 months before I saw a change.
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JT has changed as well, he throws himself out whenever he doesn't get what he wants. Very friustrating and if anyone has any suggestions on getting him to stop let me know.
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Our babies are not babies anymore, they're toddlers and their personalities are developing and they are becoming more independant. I think what they are going through is normal as all of them are going through that. The no patience thing or not getting what they want is I think quite normal. They want to test our limits and now is actually quite important for us in regards to the way we react to them. We can't be too hard or too soft at the same time. It's hard for us too!!
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Joel has started to be better the last couple of days with the fits.  
He throws fits when he gets frustrated with things or if he wants something that he can't have.  Lately it has been when he sees me start to make dinner he wants it right away but it isn't ready yet.  Another thing he throws a fit about is going outside and its not that I don't want him to go outside but it has been extremely hot and humid here lately and I don't want to take him out to much bc of dehydration.  

Some days are better than others and I guess it is something we will just have to deal with.  The best solution that I have found is just to ignore the fits.  If he isn't doing anything to hurt himself then he is fine and can just scream and cry without getting a lot of attention for it.  I just tell him No he can't do whatever he wants to do and then just ignore him and he actually stops crying and screaming when he figures out I am not going to give into him.  
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Funny you post this I was thinking of posting something up too! Jeremy has been a handful lately screaming on the top of his lungs I mean gotta shut the windows, looking at me and laughing when I say no or crawling going uhh ahh and getting into something he's not supposed to I mean I can't have anything  in my house nothing everthing is just cleared out. This kid is into everything. He's got his 1 yr molars so I'm assuming that is part of it but seriously my 3rd is 6 so either I blacked it out but honestly i don't remember her being this diffacult I'm like at my witts end. He doesnt' stop hardly naps up by like 6 am and just goes and goes and goes and goes and goes and goes and goes and goes and goes...on and on! I get exhausted watching him..LOL. I'm seriously hoping this is just a phase because if this is how he is at 1 umm 2 should be even worse and so on! Yikes! His pedi did say to be firm with no and to not use time outs yet! So I don't I can't stand saying no either because he's just only started saying mama and I don't want him to say no all the time! LOL! He is adorable tho he's so blonde now it's too cute.  I love this lil man...

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kaprovea- I think you are doing the right thing and like you said is better just to ignore them at times, and hopefully they will grow out of it. Good luck, you are doing a great job mommy.
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I'm glad it must be the age for this and Lilly is not the only terror around! I was beginning to think she was hitting the "terrible twos" early. If she can't get what she wants she stiffens her back and screams! Very annoying in the shops. But i too ignore her and she eventualy gives up. My mother in law justs gives her what she wants when baby sitting and i need her to stop before Lilly thinks she can have evrything she wants!
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Jack has definitely picked up some fit throwing within the last month. It is mainly if he has something taken away (he shouldn't have had in the first place). He'll go bonkers until I give him something else to make him forget about what I just took.
And he wants to walk everywhere, but doesn't really want to hold my hand. I tell him if he wants to walk in the store he has to hold mommy's hand, and he does, but then tries to trick me and run off in an opposite direction! After chasing him around Target, etc. I take a breath and pick him up, waiting for the fit to start. And boy does it! He actually stomps one foot repeatedly and raises his hand in the air in defeat and then he'll collapse onto the floor and put his face down in his arm. Very dramatic little guy!
He has always been a very easy going, mild mannered baby until these tantrums started -- I'm learning how to calm him down quickly with it. Usually a Mum Mum pulled out from the purse and handed to him does the trick!!!
I can pretty much predict when he's going to go bazerk now and prepare myself for the show!
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Sounds like Cash is like all the other little ones!!  He too starts pitching a fit when I start to fix him some food bc he wants it right then!  He laughs and grins when we tell him "No" and continues to do whatever it is that he's doing.  He also will go towards something we have told him "No" to before and start saying "no, no, no, no".  And then of course does it anyway.  I hate saying No so much, and I try to just redirect him to something else.  Doesn't always work, but like Jack - a treat always works! LOL!
I guess this is just a phase they are going through...we will just have to wait it out.
Good luck girls!!
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taylor use to be this sweet little baby and now she throws fits like no ther. she knows how to walk on her own but she likes better to have someone hold her hand. and like food wise she will chew for awhile then spit it out. unless its somethign sweet of like cheeto puffs. it frustrates me. lol. but i know she doesnt understand.
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I think some of then have already hit the terrible twos! Lilly is cry when she does not get her own way or I say no to her!
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Cash is the same way.  If he doesn't get his way, or I reprimand him, he instantly goes into tears and if I try to pick him up or move him away from whatever he is doing he will go completely limp in an effort to try to get away from me. Fun times! LOL!
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That's normal, Medina does that sometimes. Usually it takes three times saying no and then she gets it. But when I am gone she goes for it again! Fun times ahead for us........
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Definately I swear J is going through the terrible 2's! Woah!
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AP - same here!!!

Are any other toddlers hitting alot at the moment? When Medina doesn't like something she hits and then I say 'Be nice' and then she does the nice pat. It's driving me mad!
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