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24 weeks and brown discharge

Hi ladies~ I have a question for all of you. I know at some point in our pregnancy some of us have exprienced brown spotting. I know I did with my first baby. This time around I'm spotting later in the pregnancy. I'm 24 weeks and have had brown discharge with clumps of tissue. I've had a Dr. appt since and she doesn't seem to be worried. I'm trying not to worry but I can't help it. I don't have any contractions or leaking of fluid which is good. I have had a really bad cold and I've been coughing really bad to the point that my tummy muscles are REALLY sore. I also notice more braxton hicks this time around which my Dr. says is normal as well. Man my first pregnancy went way smoother than this one. LOL Anyway just want your thoughts on the whole brown discharge. Thanks girls.
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I think its reassuring that your doctor isn't concerned. If it keeps up I would  try and make another appointment or go to L&D. Did they do an ultrasound and check your cervix etc?
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I would just try not to worry to much if your doctor is not worried about it. Good Luck!
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I agree with Crysi and Tasia and try not to worry too much.  I had some spotting earlier in my pregnancy i guess at about 22 weeks or so (can't remember now) and it stopped within a day and hasn't returned and baby is doing really well.  Keep us posted though!

Oh - Crysi - I'm assuming L&D stands for Labor and Delivery?  I'm totally new at this, but if you go to the hospital while pregnant do they automatically send you to Labor and Deliver?  I just assumed if I ever went to the hospital while pregnant that I would just go to the emergency room...
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Hi I am 24 weeks pregnant and have woken up with brown discharge or blood in my underwear! I didn't have this with my first baby, I have text my midwife and I will call the hospital or doctor. Bit worried about it, hope she is OK. Has yours all been OK after the brown discharge? Thank you.
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