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Any advice on how to make baby come early??

Hi ladies.... hope u all are doing good. Im due july 17th and just wondering if you have any tips on how to make a baby come early. Im hoping to deliver in early july lol. Im just so anxious to meet him already and sick of all these pregnancy issues. I have heard of walking alot towards the end, or having sex tho i have no sex drive. Just wondering if you guys knew of anything that has worked in the past. Thanks so much!!
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I had sex with my first and it broke my water and I went right to the hospital. I was also almost a week and a half late. But I was on top and next thing I knew, bam...water everywhere....lol..just a tip.
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Sex, nipple stimulation and going for a walk are all the normal tips but I would suggest waiting until baby is ready to come, he will be here soon enough.  Congrats and good luck!
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I agree with GRose...there are things you can do to encourage labor to come on if your body is ready for it. But I wouldn't push it - things happen when they are supposed to. I know it seems like an eternity...but that extra two weeks is a drop in the bucket. Just hang on!

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rasberry tea, but hang in there until your little one is ready. by the way i'm due july 17th
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Im due Thurs June 17th, and I tried sex, walking, jumping, greasy food, seafood, spicy food and tea... and none worked.. I was gonna try Castor oil but im too afraid to drink it.. LOL.. So I gave up and decided to wait til my lil one gets here.. Im soo ready to meet her tho..
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I am 17yea old. I feel bad in my stomach hurt now . What do went you stomach hurt bad?

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you Should go to the docter if your stomach hurts but o keep in mind your insides are moving and making room for this new bABY
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