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Do you want a BOY or GIRL?

Like everyone else, above all, I just want a healthy baby. I secretly wish for a girl though. I dont have any kids and I'm scared if I have a boy he will be so hyper and crazy that I wont want to try again for fear of getting 2 crazy boys! lol. I figure atleast if I have a girl the first time then it will be ok to try for another one bc even if its a boy she can mellow him out. LOL. Will I still be excited if I have a boy? I know its horrible, but I'm afraid that by the time I go for the sonogram to reveal the sex, that I will cry if they tell me its a boy...any advise?
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I wanted a girl at first, too, because I am from a family of 5 sisters - I am the oldest.  If I had a boy, I wouldn't know what to do with him!  LOL  But, now I really don't care either way.  My husband and I had been talking about names the last couple months, and we came up with a boy name that we both like - we can't agree on any girl names.  So, having a boy would be exciting so we can use the name we really like!  LOL  That's a lame reason to have a boy, but it'd still be cool.  
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I got an almost 6 year old boy, so i'd really like to have a girl. When i found out i was prego I asked my hubby if he was thinking pink. lol :)
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I want a healthy baby but if I had a choice a girl!
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I think I would like a girl but mostly because I am certain my husband would do better with a girl.  Although I would be very happy with a boy too!  The only name we have picked out is for a boy.  It's girl names that are going to be the problem for us.  Are any of you going to find out the sex?  I plan on finding out.
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either one for me.. I would be so excited either way!!! My husband wants a boy though!! hehehe
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My husband wants a girl. We are definately going to find out the sex, its hard enough waiting the 4 more months to find out! Much less wait until "shes" born, lol. For a girl we picked out Layla bc we like the oldies song, lol. What do yall like for boy names? We are having a hard time finding a boy name that we both like.
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karen i feel the exact same... i want a girl so bad.... my husband wants a boy tho.... i hope im not secretly disappointed when i do find out the sex..... just never had boys in the fam and wouldnt know what to do with one lol
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yeah, its the same thing with me stormy. I am an only child and since I have been a baby it was always me and my mom together. Everyone else has boys in the family and every time we get together they are always running around and being bad, lol. Everyone says its just how you raise them but I'm still scared. I was talking to a guy at work yesterday and I was telling him that I want a girl, and he said, just bc you want it so bad you will get a boy. He was saying that I should want a boy bc they always stay close to thier mom and protect her over everything and its a bond like no other between mother and son, and girls tend to go towards their dad more. I dont know though. We'll see. Good luck. After I had that convo with him I started thinking, maybe it wouldnt be so bad and I could actually find things that would be good about each senario.
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I really want a little girl, I have an almost two year old boy already so I need my girl. Also, I loved having my big brother growing up so it would be nice to have a little girl for Noah to be a big brother to. This is most likely going to be our last baby so I hope I get my wish. Of course I am not going to be upset if it is a boy because it would be fun for Noah to have a brother to bond with too. I love my boy so I would never be upset about having another.
I'm kinda thinking this is a girl based on the old wives tale that you get sicker with a girl. I was never this sick with Noah.
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Gosh, that's a tough one. For myself, I would like a girl since I already have experienced being the mom of a boy... on the other hand, a boy would be great for my 4 year old son and give him a companion for life... I guess it will be great either way!
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I'm hoping for a girl, but either way, if its healthy...then I'm happy....but I like the girl name better that I picked out than the boy name, lol. So everyone...think pink for me!! :)
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I too am hoping for a girl... I have a 4 year old boy, but would love to have a little girl!! My son on the other hand wants a brother. Either way I will be happy, but I pray for a little girl!! We have 2 girl names picked out... but can't seem to find a good boy name. If its a girl she will be either Jocelynn Mya, or Katelynn Elizabeth. My hubby doesn't want to find out... so it will be a long time before I know!!
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