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First Birthday Parties

Hey ladies!  Can;t believe that our babies are almost a year old!!!  Cash's birthday is July 1st so I have got to start planning his party!  I am soooooooooo busy that I can't get on here much anymore, but I don't want to lose touch with you guys!
I am looking for ideas for a "theme" for the first birthday and was wondering what you guys may be using???
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Hi everyone! Long time no talk. I have been so busy but w/Jack's birthday tomorrow I thought I'd check in and say HELLO and Happy Birthday to all the little ones!
Even though Jack's birthday is Tuesday we held his party on Saturday. We had it at a big petting zoo/park and kind of had a barnyard birthday theme! I'll have to post some pics of his cake, party, etc!
We're taking cupcakes to his daycare on Tuesday for a little celebration with all of his friends :).
He has his 1-year doc appointment on Wednesday.
Exciting time!!! Hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to take some time this afternoon to catch up on these posts!!!
xo, Heather
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We're celebrating Medina's Birthday the coming Wednesday!!!! Wow time flies...........My husband's family will be over and my MIL is making a Winnie the Pooh torte. Have the candle and decoration set already. On the Sunday afterwards, we're inviting a few families over with kids, but it's more that the kids can play together. Hope we all post some pics up of the party should be great. I bought Medina all Winnie the Pooh themed presents, she's so crazy about him.
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Hi... I know where has the time went??? Crazy I was just telling my mom I can't believe that he will be a year old already!!! Hunter will be turning 1 July 8th... We are going with the Theme "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" he loves that cartoon... All his invites were mickey mouse, I've rented a pavillion at this park and they do train rides,and throwing a bbq as well, I'm having a mickey mouse cake one for the party and one for hunter's own cake, pinata, and all sorts of stuff for the older kids to do along with stuff for the minnie kids...lol....I of course have went all out, first baby, so yeah, I got my neice going to dress up in the mickey mouse outfit, and balloons galore...!!! :-)
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Good question, I have also been thinking what to do and we came up with the idea of a pool party at our gym is outdoor and the kids will love it. Don't think we are doign anything big just something small with my sitsers kids, and some other friends.
Since James loves water I thought it will be fun around 11-12 so the kids can spalsh a lot and have some cake and ice cream. Probably we will do some bbq hot dogs or hamburgers whatever the club offers.
As a them haven't thougth about it, I like your Elmo idea, what about cars? or Winnie the Pooh?
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I LOVE to use themes for my kids' b-day parties!!  For Cooper's first b-day in July, I'm gonna use a bug theme.  His invitations will be segmented caterpillars, circles connected with eyelets or brads, and pieces of info on each segment.  We are also gonna have a bbq at our house.  (I don't go all out with the first birthday as much as i do with the older kids, since they won't remember it anyway.  Mostly just family, few close friends.) That's about as far as I've got with thinking about his party, b/c i have 2other b-days + a bridal shower before then! ; )

My other kids' first birthday themes have been:  winnie the pooh; tonka; and balloons (i was running out of ideas, lol)
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It is coming up soon! For JT's party I wanted to do Sesame Street because I have always thought Elmo and the gang was cute and I am going to be throwing a little bbq. Nothing big just something to celebrate my little man's birthday! So excited!!! Any other ideas?
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