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First Haircut!?

Jack is 15 months and his hair is starting to get a bit long! It is so cute and has some waves at the ends, but his bangs are starting to get in his eyes a little and I guess it's getting really long in the back. I've been avoiding his first haircut because my SIL said my nephew, when he was Jack's age, got his hair cut and his little waves never came back. I guess I'm hanging onto them as long as I can! However, I think it's time to bite the bullet.
We have a really cute toddler/children's haircut place in Annapolis that I plan to take him to. But I'm a little sad and also a little worried Jack will freak out when he has to "sit still" (yeah right) and get a snip snip!
Has anyone elses little buddy gotten a haircut yet? Any tips???  xo, Heather
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I had to get Lochy`s done at 12 months it was SOOOOOOOO long!!! It had big curls but when it was wet it was about a quarter of the way down his back and his bangs were to his mouth (it was always swept to the side) The curls didn`t come back quite the same but his hair still has a lot of wave to it.

I took him to a kids salon where they have the cute seats etc but he was SO angry, he just screamed. I had to hold him to get it done. He looked a lot older when it was cut adn I wasn`t expecting that. It has grown out super fast ad he looks younger again LoL
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Medina got her bangs cut at around 10.5 months and then again at the end of August and we need to do it again!!!! It wasn't cut too short, I think for girls too short doesn't look that nice. We got the back trimmed also end of August. We have done it on our own or with grandma last time as Medina is VERY headstrong (our padeiatrician said that's great for the future but not at the moment!!!).

I had straight hair as a child until the age of 6 and then it became wavy. Both my parents have wavy hair as well but DH has fine straight blond hair (I call it German hair as it is so soft and silky LOL I'm originally Mediterranean), so it might change for Medina.
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I have given J 2 already! I'm a hairstylist so I don't have to go far! There are kids cutting salons around I may bring him for his next one just for him to have some fun!
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