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Getting your LO the H!N1 Vaccine

Hey Ladies!  It's been a long time, I hope you are all doing alright :)  Kaylee is doing wonderful :)  But I have an Issue, and it's that nasty little swine flu vaccination debate.   Personally I am very on the fence about getting Kaylee vaccinated, I feel they didn't have enough time to test it out, and I don't now how i feel about getting it for Kaylee,  I don't want her to get sick, but there is also a debate that the shot is worse than the actual thing.  Do you guys plan on getting your LO's vaccinated?   Why or why not???  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!!!

hugs* Crystal
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I think its only for 6 months and older. But even if it isn't I won't be giving it to my daughter.
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I am very reluctant to get my kids vaccinated for the flu, swine or otherwise.  I have never done it in the past and do not plan on doing it this year.  I am more comfortable with taking our chances.  Even if we DO get sick, in most cases it is not that bad.
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I got it and so did Noah (my 2yo) but Evan is too young, they have to be 6 months. Hopefully since we are vaccinated we should keep Evan from getting it.
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I haven't gotten it, but have been debating.  My cousin had H1N1 and it wasn't as bad as the normal flu.  Granted he is a healthy 16 year old.  It was also confirmed H1N1 bc they did the test and sent it off for verification.  They won't give it to my babe bc he is under 6 months.  My hubby and I are leary about getting it bc some that have gotten it have gotten so sick afterwards.  We may just get the regular flu vaccine and skip the N1N1 until there is more research.
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I think by 6 months I hope that we know more about the vaccine, or with all the vaccinations they are starting with now it will have made a difference in the amount of cases they are seeing.  I personally live in the middle of no where, but even if we were more exposed to it we still don't plan to get Colter vaccinated for a while.
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DH and I got seasonal flu and H1N1 (nose spray) vaccine. Jack is too young (only 3 mo 3 weeks) but if he was 6 mo + I would likely make sure he got it. I'm not against vaccines, though. It's a personal choice. We just had an 18-year-old boy die in our county yesterday morning from h1n1 complications. I can't imagine little Jack fighting it at his age. Two nieces (one in Va and one in NC) and a nephew in Va (ages 1, 4, and 6) have all come down with suspected h1n1!  But they are all doing okay now. We're being very careful with Jack- not taking him to malls, etc. and we have hand sanitizer stationed all over the house, in the car, in my diaper bag, at work! Ha. Never be too careful I guess.
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Did any of you have any reaction to the vaccine and where did you get the shots? I live in PA and so far, it's not available yet. I plan to get my 4 years old vaccinated too, but I'm wondering if there will be side affects.
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We got the nasal spray h1n1 vaccine for free at our county health department. I'm a journalist and our health reporter is notified when vaccines becomes available, etc. - she let me know back in early October that a batch was available for high priority by appointment only. They went fast!
Our county health dept. recently got a new batch and is taking appointments today - I let all my high priority friends know and I think they were all planning to make appointments this morning when the office opened. I am in Maryland...not sure what's going on in other states. But I would check with your county health department - I'm sure they have something on their Web site and/or a H1N1 hotline right now. I think that's pretty standard. Give them a call!

As for side effects, I had NONE and either did DH. I had a sore arm from my seasonal flu shot, but the H1N1 vacccine...nothing. We were a little worried about possible side effects like you are - but yeah, it's been a few weeks and so far so good. Again, that was for the nose spray. I can't speak for the shot - they are two different things.

I don't think they'd put out a vaccine that isn't safe. It's made the same way the seasonal flu shots are made, etc. I don't see any dangers - I see more dangers in not getting it because my bub is only 4 months old. I'd hate to see him get sick !!
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Thanks so much. I'm with you totally. I'm pretty scared b/c my little girl is only 3 months old. My 4 years old brings home all kind of sickness b/c he's in pre-school. I'm thinking of pulling him out of school until he gets his shots. His doctor doesn't have either shots (flu or h1n1). Everyone around us is sick nowadays. It's pretty scary.  
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I just want to comment that my little one will be 5 months next week (June baby) and I have a background in virology. What makes me highly suspicious is that this vaccine was available shortly after it was discovered (so they say). In Germany there are TWO vaccines available. Yes two. One is for the politicians and I think rich people who can pay for it (unbelievable!!!!). The other is for 'normal' people. That makes me even more suspicious. Any form of influenza will have it's victims and it is mainly people with suppressed immune systems, e.g. HIV patients, cancer patients, transplant recipients, the elderly and to an extent, babies. I won't be taking it and my little girl won't as well. My Dr is not offering it which is a sign for me that they don't agree with it as there hasn't been enough research conducted. It's a personal choice but with my medical and virological background, I'm more reluctant. As I wrote, there are always victims with every flu strain.
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I got the vaccine as well as DH, MIL, my mom and my dad bc we all care for Cash at some point during the week.  He will be 5 months Dec 1, but even when he gets 6 months he won't be getting it.  I'm weary of putting it into his little body.  I guess us adults are more willing to take the risk.
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